5-Minute Health Tip: Cell Salts for a Cellular Overhaul

In the late 19th century a German doctor named Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler developed a homeopathic treatment called cell salts. He spent much of his career investigating the role cells played in disease, and he came to the conclusion that many diseases originate due to mineral imbalances in your body’s cells.

Because mineral salts in concentrated form can’t penetrate single cells to restore balance, Dr. Schuessler used homeopathic principles and diluted mineral salts. In diluted form these “cell salts” can make their way into single cells and tissues via the digestive canal and mucous membranes. According to proponents of cell salt therapy, these cell salts help support cell function by increasing the absorption of nutrients and the assimilation of minerals from other sources.

But…do cell salts really work? Well, they’ve been around for well over a century and have been used by millions of people who verify their effectiveness time and time again…and for a vast number of health conditions. Of course studies of cell salts and other homeopathy treatments are few and far between, but you can safely conduct your own experiment on the effectiveness of cell salts, which carry no risk of toxicity and are safe enough to be taken by children and pregnant or nursing women.

cell saltsHow Cell Salts Work

Dr. Schuessler examined the ash residue of human cells and found that together they were made up of 12 mineral salts absolutely essential to the body’s well-being. Each cell salt pertains to a particular set of ailments, and when taken in homeopathic form, typically 3-4 tablets 4 times a day, they work on a cellular level to rebalance your cells, tissues, and overall health.

Here’s a list of the 12 cell salts and their associated illnesses:

Calc Fluor

Calcium Fluoride is the safe form of fluoride. It helps…

  • Strengthen bones, skin, and teeth, and is especially effective for tooth remineralization, and for children prone to cavities.
  • Alleviate gum/dental pain. You can even give it to teething babies.
  • Boost circulation.
  • Clear mucous associated with colds/coughs.

Calc Phos

Calcium Phosphate is great for…

  • Those who need calcium for growth spurts, broken bones, osteoporosis, tooth remineralization, etc.
  • Sore throat or difficulty swallowing.
  • Feelings of anxiety or overwhelm.

Calc Sulph

Calcium Sulphate to…

  • Remove wastes and toxins from the body.
  • Clear up rashes, acne, boils, abscesses, and eczema.
  • Stop colds in their tracks.
  • Eliminate with yellow discharge.

Ferr Phos

Iron Phosphate is used as a…

  • First aid cell salt to reduce inflammation. You can crush tablets and apply topically to cuts and scrapes to speed healing.
    • Fever and headache reducer.
    • Cold and sore throat cure.
    • Treatment for anemia.
    • Oxygen and circulation booster.

Kali Mur

Potassium Chloride is used for…

  • Sinus infections, runny noses, and sore throats.
  • Anxiety, nervousness, and mental confusion.
  • Ear pressure/infection.
  • Dandruff.

Kali Phos

Potassium Phosphate is a helpful tonic for…

  • Increasing energy.
  • Strengthening memory and improving learning and concentration.
  • Unexplained depression.
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Anxiety and stress.

Kali Sulph

Potassium Sulphate for…

  • Detoxification.
  • Constipation.
  • Stuffy nose or colds with yellow discharge.
  • Hot flashes, stiff joints.
  • Fatigue.

Mag Phos

Magnesium Phosphate…

  • Alleviates pain, muscle cramps, and menstrual cramps.
    • Tics and twitches. Hiccups.
    • Spasmodic coughing (whooping cough).
    • Nerve headaches.
    • Writer’s cramp or carpal tunnel.
    • Increases magnesium uptake and absorption.

Nat Mur

Sodium Chloride for…

  • Balancing fluids and treating edema, puffy eyes, hayfever, and dry skin/nails.
  • Calming emotional grief remedy and PMS/menopause symptoms.
  • Treating hives.
  • Reducing water retention, lowering high blood pressure, and easing heartburn.
  • Treating cold sores.

Nat Phos

Sodium Phosphate to remedy…

  • Acid imbalance that contributes to gout, stiffness/swelling.
  • Detoxification.
  • Kidney issues, cystitis.
  • Digestion complications such as reflux, gas.
  • Food allergies/sensitivities.
  • Skin conditions such as hives and rashes.
  • Worms.
  • Diabetes and low blood sugar.

Nat Sulph

Sodium Sulphate for…

  • Liver support and detoxing.
  • Asthma.
  • Nausea, thrush.
  • Digestive support.
  • Calming fear or anxiety.


Silica can help…

Increase strength and stamina.

  • Give you a burst of energy in the morning.
  • Improve hair, skin, nails, connective tissue.
  • Cleansing and eliminating waste.
  • Boost self-confidence and courage.
  • Protect children and pets from the side effects of vaccinations.

You can also take a bioplasma, which is a combination of all 12 cell salts, although if you’re looking to treat a specific condition it’s best to try a blend of the 12 original cell salts listed above. Because they are absorbed on a cellular versus a digestive level, they will not interfere with other medications. You can find cell salts online or at a health food retailer.