5-Minute Health Tip: Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used as a sacred tool for healing, energizing, and balancing the body and mind since ancient times. According to an ancient Egyptian manuscript from 1550 BC, lapis lazuli, malachite, and red jasper were hung around the necks of ill patients so that disease could be absorbed by the crystals and then released. Cleopatra apparently carried the chrysoccolla stone with her to enliven her feminine energies and diplomatic tact. Roman soldiers adorned their chest plates with citrine to protect them in battle. The Chinese have been healing with microcrystalline jade and other gemstones since ancient times, as have Ayurvedic practitioners and indigenous cultures such as the Hopi Native Americans.

Crystal healing is considered a pseudoscience with no scientific validation by the Western medical establishment. Naysayers attribute any purported benefits to the placebo effect. Adherents of crystal healing, however, believe that crystals are a direct link to Mother Nature’s healing power. They are from the Earth, of the Earth, and help to reconnect us to Earth’s healing attributes. The healing power of the mind has been well documented, and crystals are sacred tools that can help us access our mind and body’s innate therapeutic capabilities by aligning with Earth energy.

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Crystals can help raise your vibrational energy, balance the life force that courses within and around you, detoxify your body, help raise your awareness, and rid your thoughts of negativity and your mind of deep-seated issues that have been holding you back. You can connect with crystals to help amplify love, protection, or prosperity in your life, and stimulate a certain chakra that may be blocked. For instance, if you are having trouble expressing yourself or if illness is manifesting in the throat area, then you can activate your throat chakra by placing a blue turquoise stone at your neck, just above your collarbone. In this position, sit and meditate on your desire for clear and full self-expression and optimal health for 5 minutes or more.

Crystal Healing for Beginners

There are many different crystals for many different conditions, but often finding the best crystal comes down to tuning into your personal preference at that moment. To get you started with crystal healing, use the guide below.

Clear Quartz: this powerful crystal is made up of the most abundant element on earth—silica! Quartz is wonderful for promoting optimal health and healing, and it’s been used to increase energy since ancient times.

Rose Quartz: known as the “love stone” rose quartz helps invite more love into your life…self-love, familial love, and romantic love!

Turquoise: this gorgeous stone is known to help boost creativity, communication, and healing.

Onyx: this powerful stone helps eliminate negative thought patterns and shield you from the negativity of others. It also helps you let go and release that which isn’t serving you and move forward on a more inspired path.

Carnelian: this creativity stone helps you communicate clearly and express yourself fully, encouraging self-confidence and motivation in your desired endeavors.

Aventurine: the stone of opportunity, aventurine opens up your mind to all the abundance that surrounds you and invites more prosperity in.

Wear the crystals you feel most connected to as jewelry, carry them with you in your pocket, or place them at your feet, by your head, or on your chakras as you lie down and enjoy a healing meditation.

Note: This article was written for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or cure a disease.