5-Minute Health Tip: Make a Shopping List

shopping listWhen you enter a grocery store empty handed, chances are you’ll come out with more food than you’ll actually eat, far less money in your bank account, and fewer healthy options than if you were to walk in with a shopping list in hand.

Taking 5 minutes to plan your meals for the week in advance and make a shopping list saves you time and money, and keeps you on track with your healthy eating goals. A shopping list keeps you focused, so you get in and out of the store faster and have less chance of being distracted by unhealthy options, like chips and donuts and frozen pizzas. And how often does the food you stock up on go bad before you can get to it? Prepping with a shopping list will help you eat everything you buy so that you’re not tossing your hard earned dollars to the wind.

You can make a shopping list the old fashioned way with pen and paper, or use a shopping list app. In fact, many major supermarkets have an online shopping site/app that lets you make a shopping list as you go. The app then attaches coupons and bargain deals to your list of items, saving you even more money and time!

Looking for a basic shopping list to get you started? Be sure to add the following healthy snacks and staples to your list:

  • Quinoa—a fantastic healthy alternative to rice and pasta
  • Kale—so versatile you can use it for salad or kale chips
  • Eggs—opt for pasture-raised if your budget allows
  • Hummus—perfect for veggie dipping
  • Nut butter—a great substitute for peanut butter
  • Frozen berries—or buy fresh berries and freeze
  • Oil staples: olive oil, coconut oil, and balsamic vinegar