Anti Aging & Antioxidant Food: Maqui Berry

Maqui Berry: Modern-Day Fountain of Youth

The Maqui berry (pronounced mah’ key), a great antioxidant food, may be a modern-day fountain of youth. This small purple berry, grown only in southern Chile, is considered one of the strongest antioxidants — and is prized for its longevity-enhancing and anti-aging properties.

You may have heard about the benefits of drinking red wine in recent years. Now, consider this: Maqui berries give you up to 300% more Anthocyanins and nearly 150% more Polyphenols (the powerful antioxidants that give red wine its super immune-boosting power), than wine or any other fruit or vegetable known to man.

It’s these high levels of Anthocyanins and Polyphenols that give the berry its ultra-healing power. By giving the body the antioxidants it needs, it frees the body of damaging free radicals that can actually cause premature aging and disease.antioxidant food

Since free radicals are the main culprit of many chronic conditions and diseases — not to mention wrinkles and aging skin — it is no wonder that many people who take Maqui berry supplements are able to find quick relief to their aches and pains, enjoy vibrant health — plus, they look younger!

Some research has even shown good results in using Maqui berry to decrease the recurrence of cancer in some patients. More studies are underway to discover exactly how effective Maqui berry is in treating and preventing cancer — but the initial findings offer a promising outlook for future cancer treatment methods using the berry.

The Polyphenols found in Maqui berries are known to protect plants from all kinds of infestations, and now it is believed to be able to do virtually the same for humans.

Protecting our bodies from the toxins and chemicals that bombard it on a daily basis –which may weaken both our skin cells and internal organs and systems –the Maqui berry can actually help to rejuvenate cells, promote healthier aging and even ward off disease.

What makes the Maqui berry such a powerful antioxidant food?

Many scientists believe it has something to do with the place where it grows. Found only in the Patagonia region of southern Chile and a small section of Argentina, the Maqui berry plant is subjected to a harsh environment and thus must produce and store more phytochemicals to ensure its own survival.

These higher nutrient levels are then passed onto the berries — and when they’re consumed by humans, they deliver a diverse array of health benefits.

Another important benefit of this super antioxidant food is its ability to control inflammation throughout the body. This has led many arthritis patients to add it to their supplement regime, with wonderful results.

Acting as nature’s herbal COX-2 inhibitor, Maqui berries help to reduce inflammatory responses, which helps to decrease pain and increase flexibility and mobility — even among people with severe arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Surprisingly enough, those who take Maqui berry on a regular basis also tend to notice considerable weight loss as their bodies become healthier and are able to dispose of toxins that may have been suppressing weight loss in the past.

Maqui berry isn’t just good for you; it tastes good, too. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to find fresh Maqui berries for several reasons:

  1. It grows only in remote areas, making it difficult to harvest, store and ship them out to stores around the world; and
  2. Maqui berries have a short harvest period (they are only available for picking once a year), which keeps the supply rather low.

Maqui berry supplements, however, do seem to offer most of the same benefits as the fresh fruit does, which is good news for health consumers in search of a supplement that delivers amazing benefits.

Appearing on store shelves across America for the first time only about a year ago, it isn’t always easy to find Maqui berry supplements, but today, most health food stores have them in stock all year round, as do many Internet retailers.