How Can You Choose The Best Sunscreen?

Fear Your Sunscreen, Not the Sun: How Can You Choose The Best Sunscreen?

Science has proven beyond all doubt that sunlight boosts health. If you get enough, you’ll enjoy bones of steel, a positive mental attitude, healthy immune response and a normal sleep cycle.

Lack of sun is a growing problem, however. According to many studies including one published in 2002 in a prestigious medical journal, the study authors wrote, “Insufficient exposure to [sunshine] may be an important risk factor for [health] in western Europe and North America.”

Unfortunately, many people avoid the sun due the advice of modern medicine. But it’s not the sun that’s the problem. Too much sun and too much chemical sunscreen are the real problems.

The Truth Is, You Don’t Have to Slather Yourself with Chemical Sunscreens and Avoid the Life-Giving Sun

We were born to live under the sun. Your body needs exposure to the sun. And groundbreaking new studies show that taking a specific nutritional supplement can help you resist the effect of too much sunlight.

This nutrient enables you and your family to spend whole days in the sun without giving it a second thought. It doesn’t work like a commercial sunscreen—in fact, it doesn’t “block” the sun at all. Instead, it changes the way your skin responds to sunlight internally—at the cellular level. best sunscreen image

This revolutionary form of sun protection products allows you to reap all of the sun’s healing benefits, including vitamin D, which your body produces through sun exposure.

At least 1/3 of Americans are deficient in vitamin D, putting themselves at risk of a whole range of major medical problems (see below).

Your Sunscreen Prevents Vitamin D Production

The biggest driving force behind vitamin D deficiency is the fact that for years, we’ve been advised to slather on sunscreen whenever we step outdoors. As a result, our bodies aren’t converting as much vitamin D as we need.

But that’s not the only problem with sun protection products. These products are associated with a host of other health problems because they are loaded with toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, sunscreens are easily absorbed through the skin, which means they enter into the bloodstream and carry their effects throughout your body.

Perhaps the most shocking irony is that not only do sunscreens not protect you from skin cancer, they can actually increase your skin cancer risk:

A new report issued by the consumer protection organization, Environmental Working Group (EWG), reveals that many popular sun protection products contain ingredients known to spur the growth and spread of skin cancer cells, which defeats their stated purpose of preventing skin cancer.

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) confirms that more than 80% of the more than 800 sun protection products tested in recent years contained potentially dangerous chemicals like:

    • Benzophenone
    • Homosalate
    • Octyl methoxycinnamate (also called octinoxate)
    • Octyl-dimethyl-PABA
    • 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor

These chemicals and other ingredients in sun protection products can leave your body susceptible to a number of destructive conditions, including DNA changes and premature aging.

It’s certainly a paradox: we cover ourselves with sun protection products to prevent wrinkles, when the science says these products do just the opposite.

There is a far superior way to protect yourself.

Your Best Sunscreen Choice “The Enzyme of Life” Helps Give You the Sun’s Benefits at the Cellular Level

World-respected integrative physician, Al Sears, MD, takes a revolutionary internal approach to the best sunscreen—using a supplement that allows you to receive all of the sun’s healing benefits while vastly reducing risk of skin damage. This supplement works by changing the way your skin responds to sunlight.

At the core of Dr. Sears’s breakthrough is a powerful antioxidant.

This super-antioxidant, first discovered in 1968, is so powerful it’s called “the enzyme of life”. It’s found in almost every living thing on earth.

Your body starts pumping it into your system in the first few hours of life. It’s absolutely necessary for survival, but over time, your body stops making enough of it.

The challenge with supplementing this nutrient is its complex and delicate structure. Saliva and stomach acids destroy it before it can make its way into your system. Scientists have never been able to devise a way to deliver this antioxidant in a supplement form that can actually send it to your skin, where it can provide the sun protection you need…until now.

Finally, the researchers who work with Dr. Sears solved the problem by encasing the antioxidant in a protective sheath of natural vegetable protein.

The effects were astonishing.

Studies Show Antioxidant Pill Gives 800% More Sun Protection Than Sunscreen

Three clinical studies show that Dr. Sears’s antioxidant supplement provided the best sunscreen, sun protection better than other sun protection products. When study subjects took the “sunscreen pill,” they experienced much higher tolerance to sun. Everyone who took the pill showed a significantly lower tendency to redden, flush, or have sun-induced skin irritation.

Furthermore, the sun protection worked fast.

Everyone in the 3 studies saw results within 2 or 3 days, regardless of their natural level of hypersensitivity to the sun. Even those with the palest (i.e., most sun-sensitive) skin experienced 800% more sun protection. It was like having an “internal sunscreen”.

How You Can Let the Sun’s “Amazing Rays” Provide You with the Most Underrated Nutrient in the World—While Protecting Your Skin

The best feature of this sun protection product is that it works without stopping the sun from doing its job. That means you reap all of the sun’s proven health-enhancing benefits.

According to a recent study, a little sunlight every day—about 20 minutes for fair-skinned people, and 2 to 4 times as much for dark-skinned people—can improve your health tremendously.

There’s just no question about your body’s need for sunlight. Your body depends on it for myriad health functions, including the ability to produce adequate levels of vitamin D. Many experts call vitamin D the single most underrated nutrient in the world of nutrition.

Vitamin D is clinically proven to:

    • Halt or even reverse the effects of bone diseases like rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosi
    • Prevent many types of cancers—including prostate, breast and ovarian cancer
    • Reduce the risk of melanoma
    • Elevate mood and boost mental performance
    • Relieve depression and reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Increase white blood cell activity and strengthen the immune system
    • Reduce high blood sugar levels, increase insulin sensitivity and prevent diabetes
    • Lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood
    • Promote weight loss
    • Provide more restful sleep
    • Increase energy and vitality

But vitamin D is just one of the countless health benefits of sunlight. Now, for the very first time…it’s possible for you to fully enjoy the pleasures and benefits of the sun without fear. You can spend a relaxing day at the beach, play 18 holes on the golf course, or do gardening all afternoon without worrying about it, and without slathering toxic chemicals on your skin…all the while reaping the remarkable health benefits of sunlight.

It’s your choice—you can continue using sun protection products at your own risk…or you can choose this superior alternative the best sunscreen for getting the sun’s “amazing rays”.