Your Body Has Its Own “Blue Zone”

By Jason Kennedy

Talked about in best-selling books and featured on TV shows like Oprah and Dr. Oz, a “Blue Zone” is the mysterious place around the world where people live to 100 and beyond…without disease or the loss of their physical or mental powers.

These lucky folks don’t seem to suffer like the rest of us do…they’re happy and content and don’t need to run on treadmills or follow strict diets.

For the rest of us, we have to give up everything that makes life enjoyable. We’re told it’s for our own good, so that we don’t get cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and all the other terrifying diseases that keep us up at night.

But I have something to share with you. The reason these blue zone people never get sick has NOTHING to do with living in some exotic location.

New research reveals how these long-lived people in the Blue Zone have high levels of a super protective molecule inside every one of their cells.

Today, you’ll discover how this molecule, which many doctors are calling the “Master Guardian,” protects you from the daily assaults like chemicals, pollution, toxins, processed food, heavy metals…even drinking alcohol…and yes, even smoking!

People with More of the Master Guardian Seem to Be “Indestructible”

That’s because this single molecule is your body’s most important defense against the kind of cellular damage that makes you grow old before your time.

Researchers from the prestigious John Hopkins Medical Institute showed that reduced activity of the Master Guardian was directly responsible for BOTH the disabilities and chronic diseases in women between the ages of 65 and 100.

But the opposite is true, too. The researchers found that elderly individuals with higher levels of the Master Guardian had lower rates of death and fewer illnesses.

They explain it this way. People with low levels of the “Master Guardian” are overcome with the cellular damage that builds up over a lifetime and leads to illness and death.

Beyond the Blue ZoneBut older healthy folks who make it into their 100s, all have high levels of this Master Guardian. They don’t succumb to illness and disease. And they keep going strong.

Doctors have known about this for decades, but until now, there was no way to get more of it into your body. Researchers have made a new breakthrough and now for the first time, YOU can use this new delivery technology to make incredible gains in your physical, mental and emotional health.

Here’s what you can expect when you combine the power of the Master Guardian and this new technology of the Blue Zone:

  • Pull dangerous heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum and arsenic out of your body like a magnet.
  • Immediately boost your testosterone levels by 40% to 50% by safeguarding the cells that make sex hormones.
  • Shield your body from radiation sources like cell phones, airport scanners, CAT scans, X-rays, smart meters, even nuclear fallout.
  • Minimize the harmful effects of smoking, pesticides, and gender-bending chemicals like bisphenol A.
  • Fight infections and kill viruses by ramping up your immune system and speeding up the production of your T-cells, B-cells and natural killer cells (NKC).
  • “Bullet proof” your liver against the effects of alcohol, while naturally lowering your cholesterol and triglycerides (blood fat).
  • Clear away deadly plaque in your arteries by 30% in the first 60 days.
  • Repair your DNA, stop your cells from mutating, suppress the formation of tumors, and stop cancer-causing chemicals from harming your cells.
  • PLUS much more…

Give Up on Drinking, Sex and Good Food…Not On Your Life

Doctors and researchers have known about this for years, but until now, there was no way to put this knowledge to work in your body. Today, researchers finally developed a new technology to make this miraculous cell protector available to you… right now.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today. The power of the Master Guardian, coupled with this new technology, could change your life in a big way.

I’m talking about significantly reducing your risk of cancer, heart disease and dementia, while you ENJOY your life – even sex and alcohol – well into your 90s and beyond.

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About the Author

Jason Kennedy is a widely-read health writer, researcher and editor with nearly a decade of experience writing books, articles and newsletters for the leading anti-aging doctors in the United States.

Training under some of the most respected medical doctors, healers and innovators in the alternative health field, Jason has unrestricted access to the latest cures and medical breakthroughs that heal without drugs and surgery.