Amazonian Treasure: Camu Camu Berry Heals Chronic Diseases

Did you know…that the camu camu berry fruit has more vitamin C than any other known fruit in the world—and delivers miraculous therapeutic benefits?

Deep within the Peruvian Rainforest originates a berry so potent it can heal chronic diseases, restore clarity, memory and focus to your thinking, and soothe frayed nerves.

How can one tiny fruit possess such far-reaching therapeutic powers? camu camu berry The answer lies in the unique combination and density of its nutrients.

Essential amino acids serine, valine and leucine protect and revitalize nervous system health while super-antioxidants ease disease-promoting inflammation and defend against a broad range of viruses.

The healthy goodness doesn’t stop there: this nutrient-packed superfruit is also fortified by essential minerals calcium, niacin, beta-carotene, iron, riboflavin and phosphorous. Camu camu berry is yet another Amazonian treasure that promises to improve your overall health and well-being safely and naturally.

Former USDA Chief Botanist, Dr. James Duke, Rates Camu Camu the #1 Superfruit for Healing…
    • Infertility
    • Migraines
    • Gingivitis
    • Cataracts
    • Pain and discomfort
    • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
    • Asthma
    • Clogged Arteries
    • Cold and Flu Viruses
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Glaucoma
    • Hepatitis

And those are just the benefits for which camu camu berry is ranked #1. It also cleanses the liver, stimulates the production of white blood cells, and boosts the effectiveness of the circulatory system.

In addition to being an immune system cheerleader, camu camu berry scores high on aesthetic value: with daily supplementation, hair, skin and nails never looked so good!

Camu Camu Berry Has More Vitamin C Per Ounce than Any Other Fruit on the Planet!

More vitamin C than an orange? Yes! 50 times more, in fact. Oranges naturally contain 3000 to 4000 ppm (parts-per-million) of vitamin C; however, by the time you eat the orange you are lucky to absorb 1000 ppm. Camu camu berry measures in at 50,000 ppm!

Camu Camu is Immigrating to the U.S.

Many healing fruits from the Amazon forest are difficult to acquire due to complications with harvesting, packaging and preserving. Fortunately, camu camu berry is a sturdy fruit that is easy to grow in a variety of different climates—cold, rainy and subtropical.

Cherry-sized and tart-tasting, camu camu berry is best eaten as a powder that you can add to desserts, juices, smoothies and water. Camu camu powders are typically manufactured in a base of sweet tapioca starch to offset the tart taste.

Camu camu berry is destined to become a key player in America’s health and wellness crusade, but even as camu camu’s popularity grows, we’re quite certain its exotic appeal will endure.