Earthing For Longevity – Healing From Earth’s Electrons

Did you know…that there is a remarkable and completely free technique for lowering blood pressure, boosting heart health, reducing pain and inflammation?

Until recent times, people lived in close daily contact with the Earth. They walked barefoot on the ground and slept close to or directly on the Earth. Ancient healers believed Earth’s energy could be easily absorbed through our skin and through the soles of our feet.

Now we know this absorption of energy was real, and had significant health benefits. We can reclaim those benefits through a simple and free technique called “Earthing.”

The Healing Phenomenon of the Earth’s Electrons

Kelly Pepper, D.C. explains that the flow of energy between our bodies and Mother Earth works to support the various systems in our body and scavenge up free radicals that promote inflammation. “Our planet has a negative electrical potential that is generated by solar winds, our ionosphere, and lightning storms,” she says. “When our skin is in direct contact with the earth we maintain the same electrical potential as our planet. This phenomenon has been occurring mostly without interference up until the last several generations.”

Now, however, most people always wear shoes outdoors. Most shoes have thick soles that block the natural flow of electrons. Most modern people rarely make direct skin contact with the Earth.

Earthing for Healthy Blood Pressure and Heart Health

According to the renowned integrative cardiologist Stephen Sinatra M.D., co-author of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever, Earthing can have potent effects for healthy blood pressure.

“Blood should flow like red wine—smoothly and easily,” he says. “Too many people have thicker blood, more like ketchup. That takes a lot more effort from the heart to circulate, and the pressure against the inside of arteries and blood vessels is much higher!” Thinning the blood helps to lower blood pressure…and Earthing can help thin the blood.

“Indications are that Earthing is indeed a natural solution to thinning the blood,” says Dr. Sinatra. “Earthing’s positive effects on blood viscosity are so impressive, in fact, that those on certain medications, such as prescription blood thinners, need to be careful when beginning an Earthing program.”

Other studies have shown Earthing may support heart health in other ways, as well, including reducing stress…balancing the autonomic nervous system…and managing levels of cortisol (a stress hormone).

What is an “Earthing Program?”

Earthing (also called grounding) means reconnecting your body with the free electrons that flow through the Earth’s surface. It can be as simple, easy, and free as walking barefoot outdoors. earthingSome health practitioners also recommend special conductive pads for use on the floor or while sleeping in bed. These devices plug into a 3-pronged electrical grounding outlet—a bit like an extension cord that connects you to the Earth’s energy.

“Both actions allow the Earth’s free electrons to enter the body, where they synchronize all of your bioelectrical systems and powerfully reduce inflammation,” says Dr. Sinatra. He offers simple tips to consider for getting started with Earthing:

  • Walk barefoot outside when possible (and when outdoors isn’t realistic, a heated basement with a concrete floor will do, but wood and vinyl floors are not conductive).
  • As little as 40 minutes a day barefoot outdoors (or on a conductive surface) can bring significant positive results.
  • Grass, sand, dirt, and concrete are conductive surfaces. Your body can draw the Earth’s electrons from all of these.
  • Rest your bare feet on the ground whenever possible.
  • Use a specially designed conductive grounding device during sleep or relaxation.

Widespread Health Benefits…From Injury to Sleep to Anti-Aging

The most important health benefit of Earthing is that it provides the body with abundant electrons from the Earth. This electron transfer appears to have a major impact on the inflammatory process.

Studies of Earthing have shown benefit for:

  • Pain reducing symptoms of Lyme disease
  • Inflammation
  • Sleep problems
  • Acute sprains
  • Muscular strains
  • Joint conditions
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Osteoporosis and more…

It is also believed that Earthing may promote longevity by reducing inflammation and oxidation.

The website of the Earthing Institute provides details about all of the latest research on Earthing, as well as various instructions for practicing Earthing outdoors or with conductive devices.