Fermented Cod Liver Oil: An Old-fashioned Superfood

Did You Know…this old-fashioned superfood might just be the only supplement you’ll ever need? 

What single item could be found in the rations of a Roman soldier, outside the door of a Scandinavian Vikings, and in the “medicine chest” of most households in the United States during the 1920s?  The answer is simple: one of the world’s original superfoods: fermented cod liver oil, a substance that can radically transform your health.

Fermented cod liver oil (or FCLO) contains high doses of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and other nutrients.  Research studies from 1918 through 2001 demonstrate that the potent golden oil supplies important, health-promoting compounds often absent from the standard modern diet.

A recently rediscovered book, Ultraviolet Light and Vitamin D in Nutrition, written by Katharine Blunt and Ruth Cowan and published by the University of Chicago, reports that in 1922, the United States imported approximately 1.8 million gallons of cod and cod liver oil.  By 2000, that number fell to less than half a million gallons, revealing a drastic decline in use.

The surge of interest in fish oils in recent years has mostly swept right by FCLO.  This health secret is known to only a few—but those who have caught on are devoted, and for good reason.  Consuming fish or other fish oil just cannot compare to FCLO.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil: Potency Beyond Compare 

To get a dose of vitamin D equal to that found in one tablespoon of FCLO, you would have to consume half a pound of fatty herring or sardines.  In fact, FCLO contains more vitamin D than any other common food.  And a single tablespoon of cod liver oil provides approximately the same quantity of health-promoting omega-3 fatty acids as twelve 1,000 mg fish oil capsules.

Along with vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, FCLO supplies key fat-soluble vitamins such as… vitamin A… vitamin E… and vitamin K2, a key bone- and blood-maintainer.  It is also a rich source of COQ10 and quinones (known for their anti-tumor, anti-microbial, and heart-healthy properties).

A Multitude of Health Benefits 

FCLO address numerous diseases—both chronic and infectious.  It lowers systemic inflammation, improves vision, and facilitates glucose tolerance.  Data from the Weston A. Price Foundation indicates that FCLO…

  • Prevents bone, muscle and joint pain
  • Enriches the fatty acid profile of breast milk, thereby optimizing the brain health of nursing infants
  • Promotes the absorption of calcium and magnesium
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Reduces symptoms of inflammatory conditions like colitis and Crohn’s, sometimes more effectively than prescription medications
  • Alleviates skin conditions including diaper rash and acne

A Key Agent in the Fight Against Cancer?

     Research suggests the nutrients in FCLO can also prevent cancer.  Every successful alternative cancer therapy so far has involved Vitamin A.  In China, scientists used FCLO to protect against childhood leukemia, and a study of Norwegian men and women showed consumption of FCLO protects against lung cancer.