Guduchi the Wonder Herb

Did You Know… 

… that an Indian “Wonder Herb” called Guduchi can control diabetes, cholesterol, and even cancer?

Guduchi is a plant-based remedy with an extensive history of medicinal use for everything from leprosy to gout.  It has been used in traditional healing for almost 4,000 years.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Guduchi is regarded as a wonder herb—and many research studies on its healing properties have delivered impressive results.  Today, this amazing plant—known scientifically as Tinospora cordifolia and in English as Amrit or Heart-leaved Moonseed—is valued for its ability to fight arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, and even cancer.

An Indian Remedy with Modern Benefits 

Guduchi is a member of the Menispermaceae family, and is found in the tropical and subtropical regions of India.  Guduchi leaves are heart shaped and its stem can range in color from white to gray.  Generally, it grows as a “creeper” on other shrubs and trees, especially mango and neem trees.  Despite this rather humble status, Guduchi offers potent health benefits for some of today’s most common and deadly health issues.

According to Dr. Soham Saha, lead author of a systematic research review of Goduchi conducted in 2012 and published in the journal Science of Life, “Natural products with medicinal value are gradually gaining importance in clinical research due to their well-known property of no side effects as compared to drugs.”  Dr. Saha goes on to say that the Guduchi plant’s bioactive compounds and their function in disease control has led to active interest in the plant across the globe.

Just a Few of Guduchi’s Proven
Healing Capacities Include…
     Cholesterol Control: When administered to rats, Guduchi root extracts controlled serum and tissue cholesterol just as effectively as standard drugs used to control cholesterol.

Diabetes Control: When the extracts from Guduchi were fed to diabetic rabbits and rats, their blood glucose levels fell significantly—particularly the fasting blood sugar levels.  This implied that Guduchi improved the animals’ metabolism of carbohydrates.

Heals Ulcers: Ulcers can result when excessive acid in stomach damages the stomach walls.  Guduchi extracts have demonstrated an ability to heal such ulcers.

Relieves Post-Menopausal Syndrome: Guduchi has been tested in women suffering with post-menopausal symptoms including breast discomfort, nausea, and fluid retention.  Guduchi extracts reduced these symptoms—and was also helpful for general PMS.

Liver Protection: Guduchi has been used for liver problems in Ayurveda for hundreds of years.  Guduchi has been tested and shown to speed up the regeneration of damaged liver tissue.

     Cancer Control: In pre-clinical studies, Guduchi extracts have shown cancer-killing properties.  When cancer cells were exposed to Guduchi extracts, their numbers dwindled significantly.  Further research is needed in order to isolate the precise compounds in Guduchi that killed the cancer cells.

An Incredible Source of Healing 

“With so much to offer to the scientific world of medicine, the plant Tinosporia [Guduchi] truly acts as an incredible source,” says Dr. Saha.

Guduchi extracts are widely available online as well as in some health-food and natural remedy stores.  Natural health experts recommend against using Guduchi if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Experts also recommend consulting with a qualified natural health practitioner before undertaking treatment with herbal remedies.