Instantaneous Medical Miracle Through Mind and Body Healing

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6.5 Million People Have Discovered How to Use Mind and Body Healing to Cure Virtually Every Disease

Our minds hold a vast reservoir of power to create perfect health. Jose Silva, the world-renowned mind empowerment pioneer, proved this through countless experiments.

Stunning Demonstrations of Instantaneous Mind and Body Healings

Silva would begin his mind and body healing classes by requesting a volunteer. In front of hundreds, Jose would first guide the volunteer into a healing brain state and then hypnotize him or her. Thereafter, he’d announce that the whiteboard marker in his hand was actually a red hot poker.

mind and body healingThen he’d press the marker against the volunteer’s hand, and instantly, a blister would form. With the audience in shock, Silva would then tell the volunteer that he could heal the wound in seconds.

Thereafter, he would proceed to put his hand on the wound, and the blister completely disappeared within seconds.

Back in 1944, when Silva did those experiments, he proved beyond his shadow of a doubt that the mind can heal practically any health problem. This phenomenon, which has come to be known as “mind-body healing” was regarded as a medical miracle in the 1940s—and it’s still a medical miracle by today’s standards.

Mind and body healing is the use of the connection between mind and body to overcome stress, illness, pain…and virtually any disease—including cancer.

“The most powerful single tool that I have to offer a patient”

Award-winning oncologist Dr. O. Carl Simonton has seen the power of mind and body healing firsthand. Simonton is the founder of the Simonton Research Institute, and a pioneer in the use of imagery therapy for cancer.

He was trained by the world’s global authority on a 3-step scientific approach to mind control concepts. “I would say that it is the most powerful single tool that I have to offer the patient,” he says.

Approximately 6,504,587 people from 110 countries have been trained in Jose Silva’s mind and body healing method—the same one praised by Dr. Simonton. They’ve discovered the healing power within and learned how to unleash their inner healer.

What If You Had the Ability to Heal Yourself—Without Medical Intervention or Drugs?

According to widely accepted statistical data, 85% to 90% of illnesses are caused by the mind. This is what is known as psychosomatic illness. By the same token, most illnesses can also be reversed by the mind .

Jose Silva devoted his entire lifetime teaching people how to heal their emotional states and their thought patterns to create physical health and well-being.

The first scientist to investigate the research of Silva was Dr. J. Wilfred Hahn of the Mind Science Foundation in California—and based on what he found, Dr. Hahn enthusiastically endorsed Silva’s work. Since then, many more research institutions, universities, and scientists have given their full endorsement:

    • Duke University, North Carolina
    • Trinity University, Texas
    • University of Texas, Texas
    • Wayland Baptist University, Texas
    • C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University, New York
    • Canisius College, New York

Effective mind and body healing is a step-by-step process which involves meditation…visualization…and Alpha level exercises that are essential to awakening the mind’s natural healing ability. Once you master this process, it becomes second nature to use your mind to influence physical healing.

You will have the power to heal any form of illness or ailment, whether it’s diabetes…cancer…migraines…joint pains…depression…stress…or any other health problem.

How to Harness the Power of Your Mind

Those who have been trained in Jose Silva’s mind and body healing method have learned how to break free from the tyranny of traditional medicine and drugs—and take control of their own health.

You now have the opportunity to discover the health freedom that Silva’s students have already learned.

Your Golden Key to Perfect Health

With mind and body healing, it takes only 10 minutes a day to effectively…

    Liberate yourself from expensive and unnecessary medical procedures and side effect-laden medication.
    • Attain the perfect health and vitality to focus on your aspirations, spend quality time with your friends and family, and enjoy your hobbies.
    • Wake up every morning free of the debilitating aches and pains that hold you back from the quality of life you deserve.
    • Overcome the depression and negativity that often comes with illness—and instead replace it with an unbreakable sense of positivity and motivation in your everyday life.

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