Muscle Trigger Point Pain Neutralization Technique Using Your Fingertips

Did you know…that there is a pain neutralization technique that instantly eliminates migraines, headaches, sciatica and other chronic joint and muscle pain…with the simple use of light fingertip pressure?

Let’s admit it: We are a quick-fix society. We want—no, needimmediate results from the healing therapies we use. Otherwise we move on to yet another healing modality with a resounding “Next!”

Listening to his patients’ desires for instant relief from pain, chiropractor Stephen Kaufman D.C., went on a search for the “magic switch” that would remove chronic muscle and joint pain within minutes. After a decade of research and 30 years hands-on experience, Kaufman perfected his Pain Neutralization Technique(PNT).

PNT eliminates pain by using the fingertips to apply light pressure on basic neurological reflexes. No drugs, no prescription medications, no devices, no expensive products and no discomfort—just light, therapeutic pressure!

What Makes PNT Different from Other Muscle-Relief Techniques—Such as Massage Therapy and Acupuncture?

muscle trigger point

These other therapies involve massaging or placing pressure on actual “muscle trigger points”. While such methods may bring temporary relief. They seldom get rid of the pain altogether. PNT, on the other hand, places pressure not on the actual muscle trigger point, but on the neurological reflex that corresponds to the point.

What Exactly is a Trigger Point?

A muscle trigger point is a spot in the muscles, joints or tendons that causes pain. This pain can be localized or remote, signaling pain in other areas of the body.

For instance, there are muscle trigger points in the neck and upper back may cause headaches, or pain in the lower back.

What Causes Trigger Points?

Each of the muscles in our bodies is balanced by an opposing muscle. When one muscle contracts, the other relaxes and vice versa. The muscle’s ability to contract and relax is controlled by the nervous system.

Pain occurs when a muscle becomes locked in a state of contraction. As a result, blood circulation within the muscle tissue decreases, intensifying pain. Pain Neutralization Technique increases blood flow to the muscle trigger point that is neurologically linked with the pain.

When light pressure is applied, the pain instantly subsides and the muscle tissue begins to repair. The pain is not merely masked, but healed.

How Does PNT Work?

PNT works with the relaxed muscle to free the opposing muscle from its state of contraction. PNT practitioners apply slight pressure to manually activate the neurological reflexes in the relaxed muscle. As the relaxed muscle begins to contract, the nervous system reacts by instinctively relaxing the opposing contracted muscle, or the muscle causing the pain. As the contracted muscle releases, the pain immediately dissipates.

PNT provides instant relief from muscle contractions that cause chronic low back painneck painmigrainessciaticaheadaches…and cervical and lumbar disc syndrome. Although PNT has not been backed by governmental research, many board-certified physicians have endorsed it.

Stephen Kaufman has demonstrated his technique to over 400 medical doctors, converting skeptics to believers in a matter of minutes. Physicians and practitioners across the nation have added PNT to their healing modalities. Dr. Robert Rowan provides a typical testimonial on the medical benefits of PNT:

“Here’s a miracle I wouldn’t have believed if I wasn’t there to witness it. A previously unknown chiropractor delivered a talk about instantly relieving the pain of muscle trigger point. He claimed to immediately restore motion and eliminate pain.

I listened with curiosity and healthy skepticism. Then he performed his technique on many of my esteemed colleagues including some very famous ones. The majority got immediate relief, even with very long-term chronic problems. It was absolutely incredible!”

Hundreds of healthcare practitioners across the nation, including MDs, DCs, acupuncturists, and PTs are certified PNT therapists. They have been trained in the technique either by DVDs, workshops or seminars conducted by Stephen Kaufman. To learn more about PNT or to find a PNT practitioner in your community visit the Pain Neutralization website.