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Top 5 Underground Health Secrets You Never Knew Before:

– a compilation of 5 of the most sought-after reports from The Underground Health Reporter’s treasury of little-known health discoveries.

The information you’ll find in any one of these reports could change your life! Send for these 5 simple, but powerful health nuggets today — they are “must-have” additions to your health resources library.

Here’s a sample of the secrets found in the report:

Secret No. 1: Why Drinking the Juice of this Young Grass May Turn Gray Hair Back to Its Natural Color — Naturally
If your hair has gone gray, it’s a sign that your kidneys and blood need to be strengthened, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The high chlorophyll content of the juice of a specific nutritional grass accomplishes this effectively, thereby turning gray hair back to its natural color.

Secret No. 2: How to Make Your Cells Grow Younger
Experiments were made on old decrepit rats whose age corresponded to that of 90-year-old humans. They were fed with a type of auxinon-rich food. Result? The bodies of the old rats began to grow younger because the chemical substance of this type of food induces the cells of the body to reproduce younger cells instead of older cells.

Secret No. 3: Rub Your Stomach Away in 2 Minutes a Day
When the stomach is massaged for 2 minutes using this simple technique, it works like a gentle colonic irrigation that helps speed up a sluggish digestive system, and this elimination of useless sludge has the effect of burning off excess fat. This exercise also effectively metabolizes the fatty tissues around the stomach and intestines, and flushes them out of your body through blood, sweat, urine and feces.

Here’s a sampling of issues found in the Underground Health Reporter™:

  • How to Stop the Sugar Cravings That Make You Fat
  • Pheromones: The Science of Sexual Chemistry
  • Krill Oil: Nature’s Most Potent Anti-Inflammatory
  • 122-Year-Old Woman Reveals Her Secret to Longevity
  • The 6-Minute Antidote to Stress
  • The Secret Power of Resveratrol: Nature’s Anti-Aging Miracle
  • How to Prevent the No. 1 Cause of Death by Using an All-Natural Amino Acid
  • Make Your Cells Grow Younger with Everyday “Auxinon” Foods
  • Melt Away Cancer from Your Body Using Nothing More Than Your Fingertips
  • Reduce the Age of Your Skin by 30%: A Breakthrough in Anti-Aging
  • Doctor-Recommended Drug-Free Diabetes Remedy With a 100% Success Rate
  • How to Lose 45 Pounds in 4 Months Just by Walking 45 Seconds a Day
  • Cancer Doesn’t Have to Scare You Anymore
  • How to Become Biologically Younger As You Become Chronologically Older
  • How to “Switch On” Your Immortality Gene
  • World Famous Doctor Reveals Non-Drug Cure for Arthritis
  • Program Your DNA in 2 Minutes to Create a Healthy Body
  • How to Increase the Effectiveness of Any Weight Loss Program by 146%!