Rebounding Benefits: Fend Off Aging With This Easy Exercise Technique

Did you know..that a simple exercise used by Olympic athletes can fend off aging, re-energize your whole body, and may even prevent cancer?

Rebounding is a simple exercise with exceptional overall health benefits that go far beyond fitness. The practice of rebounding couldn’t be easier: it requires as little as 5 minutes a day of bouncing lightly or jumping on a trampoline (usually a high-quality mini trampoline used at home).

Yet, despite its simplicity, the effects of rebounding benefits are so astonishing that it has earned loyal followers ranging from elderly adults unable to bear other types of exercise to world-class Olympic athletes.

Rebounding for the Gold

World-record weight-lifting champion Dr. Harry Sneider didn’t invent rebounding benefits itself, but with his simple idea of adding weights to the equation, he caught the attention of world-class athletic trainers.

The repercussions of his revolutionary weight-resistance rebounding benefits strategy landed Dr. Sneider a job coaching the 1984 U.S. Olympic Team. The historic results the U.S. athletes achieved at that game helped cement rebounding’s reputation among elite trainers and sports medicine experts.

In fact, Dr. Sneider’s achievements drew so much attention to rebounding benefits that practitioners across the medical community began investigating its incredible effects on users’ health and well-being. The area where rebounding benefits have the most profound impact is the lymphatic system—which is the body’s all-important toxin management system.

Rebounding’s Incredible Benefits for Your Lymphatic System

Dr. Hans Gruenn, of the Longevity Medical Center in Los Angeles, says that rebounding “works on every cell in the body” by energizing the lymphatic system through gravitational pull. It opens internal valves and helps lymphatic fluid move up to 14 times faster.

This is especially valuable and beneficial because unlike the circulatory system, which has the heart as a pump, the lymphatic system has no pump of its own.

Speeding up the circulation of lymphatic fluid means toxins are flushed out sooner—before they can do serious damage. As toxins flush out, healthy oxygen can flow in, bringing fresh, clean energy and nutrients to your cells. All of these benefits help your body effectively fend off the ravages of aging. rebounding benefits

Rebounding and Cancer Prevention

Increasing lymph circulation may even help fight cancer. That’s because it helps white blood cells move more freely. White blood cells are critical to our body’s ability to attack infection and fight off invaders.

But excess bacteria can overwhelm white blood cells, and form a “fortress” around cancer tumors that keeps white blood cells at bay.

No Time Like the Present

The beauty of rebound exercise is that you can start with a single bounce. It’s entirely self-paced. Rebounding exercise can bring extraordinary results, including…

  • Burning away fat throughout your body
  • Increasing muscle strength and reducing muscle tension
  • Strengthening your heart
  • Speeding up your metabolism and curbing your appetite
  • Relieving arthritis pain
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Stimulating proper digestion and intestinal activity

“A rebounder is a piece of equipment that is highly versatile,” says Dr. Sneider. “You can use it anywhere and the benefits can be life changing.”

Trainers say you should set simple goals—do it every day, a few minutes at first, then maybe 5 minutes a session by the second week. Chart your progress and record your time on the kitchen calendar. Seeing your results and watching the minutes build is a great way to keep yourself inspired.

In no time, you’ll make rebounding a part of your daily life and start reaping the benefits of the closest thing science has found to a fountain of youth!