The Next Fountain of Youth: Anti-Aging Secrets of Red Snow Algae

I want to tell you an extraordinary story about the Red Snow of the Swiss Alps — and the anti-aging secret hidden beneath the snow.

In the snow fields of the Swiss Alps, a phenomenon happens every year. Spores of Snow Algae cause the snow to turn a dark red. This is the miracle of…the red snow.

Snow Algae are single-celled organisms that live in the snow under extreme conditions. In the spring, they have a vibrant green color. They awaken and proliferate…first causing the snow to become green.

Later in the year, the Snow Algae turn into a brilliant red, causing the snow to become red. That’s when they are harvested and collected — and brought into the research laboratory.

The Red Snow Algae are Harvested to Harness Their Amazing Anti-Aging Properties!

They are cultivated in the lab at low temperatures. While propagating in the lab, they grow in the green state. After propagation, the nutrient level is restricted, and the Snow Algae start to produce carotenoids and other metabolites.

This is where the magic happens! ==>

The carotenoids and metabolites turn the Red Snow Algae into a veritable “fountain of youth” for the skin. At this point, the algae is extracted, dried and turned into Red Snow Algae powder.

The plant stem cells derived from these powerful algae have been clinically proven to protect the skin from all mechanisms of aging! They are clinically validated to extend the life of skin cells. Stem cells replicate themselves into specific cells that replace damaged cells, and this regenerative property halts skin aging and restores it to its youthful glow.

At the time of this writing, there is only one anti-aging skincare product that contains this botanical fountain of youth. It is Transformation Skin Rejuvenating Creme.

Malibu Woman Aging Backwards

“Transformation has made my face smoother and more supple than it has been in years. I saw a handsome male friend I hadn’t seen in nearly 4 years. Within minutes of seeing me, he said, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up. You’re the only person I know who’s aging backwards.'” — Wendy K., Malibu, California (age 47)

The Best Product I’ve Ever Tried for My Skin — Amazing Results!

“I have been using skin creams since I was 12 and in the last 33 years have tried many products, from drug store brands, to department store brands to dermatologist-recommended skin creams. And none of them can compare to Transformation Skin Rejuvenating Crème. It is by far the best product that I have ever tried for my skin. I’ve just ordered 3 more jars. The results have been amazing!” — Christine J., Jupiter, Florida (age 45)

“My Skin is Smooth and Silky…Like Hollywood Stars’ Skin”

“I truly believe in this cream and love it! I never put an approval on something that I don’t truly believe in. This is a fantastic product. It makes my skin feel so soft and velvety. I can already see, in just a month, some of my wrinkles not so visible. It just feels richer, creamier than other skin creams I have used. I am 70 years old and this is making a big difference in my skin. It makes my skin feel like it is comparable to the Hollywood stars’ skin – very smooth and silky. Can you tell I really love this product? I told my friend about it and she is going to try it. I am telling all my friends about it.” — Judy D., Orem, Utah (age 70)

“No Other Skin Care Product Has Given Me These Results”

“I absolutely love Transformation Skin Rejuvenating Crème. I have been using it for about 2 months and my sagging jaw line has definitely tightened and firmed up. My deeper lines between my eyes are getting better also. No other skin care product has given me these results, and I have purchased many, many brands.” — Julie M., Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Due to the extreme popularity of Transformation Skin Rejuvenating Crème, Rodeo Drive Collection completely SOLD OUT of the product 5 times ever since it was launched last December.

And because the Red Snow Algae extracts are in very limited supply — and have to be obtained from Switzerland — Transformation was recently out of stock for more than 2 months. When the next shipment arrived, 80% of the supply was snapped up in 3 days.The manufacturer is working overtime to fill the demand.

The product is likely to sell out again soon. I’ve never seen anything fly off the shelves as fast as Transformation. So I stocked up and bought 3 jars because I don’t want to run out of it in the event they sell out again. Their remaining stock (which is just a few hundred jars) is being offered exclusively to Underground Health Reporter readers.

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