Fact or Myth: Are Sugar-Free Products Safe for Your Teeth and Help You Lose Weight?

This is a MYTH.

Manufacturers of “sugar-free” soft drinks, gum and other candy and snacks claim their products are perfectly safe for your teeth. But they’re wrong. Most sugar-free foods contain a wide variety of additives that threaten your dental health.

In a recent study published in the British Dental Journal, researchers revealed that sugar-free foods contain enamel-eroding ingredients like sugar alcohols, or polyols. Healthy tooth enamel is critical. It protects teeth from foods and chemicals that would otherwise cause decay.

Acids like sugar alcohols or pylols strip tooth enamel away, leaving teeth exposed and unprotected.

Furthermore, acidic additives are known to cause other serious problems, such as…

    • Gastric disturbance
    • Osmotic Diarrhea

A growing number of studies also indicate that sugar-free products do not help with weight loss, and may actually be associated with weight gain! sugar-free products

The myth of “healthy and harmless” sugar-free products is widespread and dangerous. As the authors of the study in British Dental Journal wrote:

Especially in sugar-free products, these adverse effects may be more insidious because the public has blind confidence that they are oral health friendly… the term sugar-free may generate false security because people may automatically believe that sugar-free products are safe on teeth.

That warning includes popular sugar substitutes like sorbitol and xylitol, two of the most widely used additives on the market.

Considering more than 85% of Americans regularly consume low-calorie, sugar-free foods, acidic additives pose a major threat.