The Zapper: A Way to Make Viruses and Harmful Bacteria Disappear

In 1995, Dr. Hulda Clark, a Naturopathic Doctor and Physiologist, presented fascinating information in her book, The Cure for All Diseases, regarding a hand-held electronic device that anyone can build at home at a cost of $20 to $30. The battery-operated device, which Dr. Clark developed, was called The Zapper — and she used it to cure a wide variety of ailments and diseases, including cancer.

The Zapper essentially electrocutes pathogens using a positive offset 30 KHz square wave frequency. It imparts a very small electric current through the body when the user holds 2 copper electrodes with an output voltage of about 5 volts apiece. The current is only a couple of milliamperes, and The Zapper pulses the current, which has the effect of making the skin’s natural resistance to electrical current go down.

The Zapper used by Dr. Clark in her clinic causes viruses and bacteria to disappear within 3 minutes. Tapeworm stages and roundworms are eradicated in 5 minutes, and mites are gone in 7 minutes. However, “zapping” does not destroy good bacteria. Although fast results occur within 3 to 7 minutes, the treatment protocol instructs one to hold the electrodes for 20 to 30 minutes, 3 times a day, with 7-minute intervals of rest in between.

When The Zapper pulses the current, it introduces negative electrons through the skin and into the body’s living tissue. Since all parasites and diseased tissues are positively charged (i.e., they are composed of atoms or groups of atoms that have a shortage of electrons), the introduction of negative electrons reverses their polarity, thereby killing the parasites and helping to heal the diseased tissue by electricity. The Zapper has also been shown to inactivate toxins in the body.

Some people have found Dr. Clark’s Zapper a bit cumbersome to use due to the fact that one has to hold the copper electrodes in both hands, and sit in that position through the entire treatment. Therefore, other natural health practitioners have since developed devices (emulating Dr. Clark’s original Zapper) that are more convenient to use. Perhaps the most popular of these derivative devices is the one developed by Don Croft, who created a version of the zapper in a 2″ X 3″ plastic box with two copper pennies as electrodes, positioned an inch apart on top of the unit.

Don Croft’s zapper, which he calls The Terminator, is easily used by attaching it to the arm with an elastic band, with the electrodes (copper pennies) touching the skin. It works exactly the same way as The Zapper, but it also uses the power of orgonite, and has the added convenience of the user being able to move around freely while “zapping.” The Terminator has amassed numerous anecdotal “cures” of illnesses including cancer, lupus, migraines, herpes, depression, colitis, ulcers, and a wide variety of other ailments.

In her book, The Cure for All Diseases, Dr. Clark gives complete instructions on how to build a zapper. Ready-made zappers like Don Croft’s Terminator are also available on the Internet. Warning: Pregnant women and people who have a pacemaker are advised not to use zappers since the effects on these individuals are as yet unknown.

As with any unconventional healing modality that mainstream medicine brands “questionable,” zappers have had their share of critics and naysayers. Some have called them devices that are akin to snake oil, and Hulda Clark has been called a quack. But then again, so have all doctors who’ve dared to present healing concepts that are not endorsed by the medical establishment or Big Pharma. Dr. Clark has been the subject of many attacks by professional adversaries, and has been in legal battles which were eventually dismissed by courts.

There is definitely solid science behind Dr. Clark’s zapper technology — whether organized medicine acknowledges it as valid or not. One doesn’t have to fully understand how a zapper works in order for one to benefit from it. The only way to know for certain is for you to suspend your judgment long enough to try it.

I have been using Don Croft’s zapper with great results since 2003. It’s available at When you quickly cure yourself of acute or chronic illness with a zapper, it’s an empowering feeling.

Note: Dr. Hulda Clark went on to author 7 books in her lifetime. She died in her sleep on September 3, 2009 due to complications from a spinal cord injury. She was 80 years old.