African Star Grass Surprising Treatment for UTI & Enlarged Prostate

Did you know…that an African potato has been shown to be used as treatment for UTI (urinary tract infections) and enlarged prostate —and an extract of it could even kill prostate cancer cells?

There is an untamed-looking African root that holds unparalleled medicinal remedies and is quite possibly the most well-rounded and nutrient root in all of Africa. While appropriately nicknamed African Star Grass for its lush green leaves and gorgeous yellow flower petals, this plant is more commonly referred to as the African Potato.

This label is a misnomer, as the root under the ground does not look or feel anything like a potato. A potato is a tuber root, which is a swollen stem that stores a plant’s nutrients. The African Potato is not a tuber, but a corm, which is a short, vertical swollen plant stem that differs in both appearance and texture from a tuber. It is within the corm that the African Potato stores its “muthi,” or medicine.

Hypoxis hemerocallidea, as the African Potato is scientifically known, is often referred to as hypoxis rooperi, or hypoxis for short. It is named such for the plant’s primary medicinal ingredient, hypoxoside, which, in addition to possessing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, also contains the cancer-fighting compound rooperiol.

According to experts, rooperiol is a remarkably potent antioxidant, so powerful in fact that research has shown it destroys colon and breast cancer cells and decreases tumor size by suppressing the spread of cancer cells.

Hypoxis also owes its antiviral qualities to rooperial, which boosts the body’s natural resistance to disease. South African doctors prescribe hypoxis to HIV/AIDS patients as a supplemental immune enhancer.

The African Potato Plant’s Most Effective Cure to Date

Two prominent research studies have brought to light hypoxis’s value as a treatment for UTI (urinary tract infections) and prostrate problems, such as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), or enlarged prostate. Research has even indicated that hypoxis kills prostate cancer cells and pre-malignant cancer cells. treatment for uti

Why is hypoxis such an effective treatment for prostate-related health concerns?

Because the root contains a chemical called beta-sitosterol. A comprehensive review of 63 studies reveals that this compound is one of the top 3 most effective cures for reviving urinary flow and overall prostate function.

And the Benefits Continue…

The abilities of the African Potato treatment for UTI extend far beyond its prostate-promoting powers. Zulu healers traditionally used it to cure blood sugar problems, diabetes, infections, and skin conditions—such as psoriasis. Doctors use it to treat lung conditions, such as coughs and other bronchial complications. It has even proven effective as an aid for tuberculosis and digestive upsets, such as diarrhea.

How Can You Start Healing Your Health With This Powerful Elixir?

If you’d like to enjoy an extract of African Potato in the form of a tea, you can purchase a raw powder online at websites such as Alibaba and African Botanicals. Local health food stores typically have the extract available as a tincture.

You can also check out NutriLife and Native Remedies online treatment for UTI. If you have a green thumb, you can grow your own African Potato plant from seeds.

Check out Plant World Seeds or Prairie Moon Nursery. Unfortunately, African Potato extract is not readily available as a capsule or tablet unless mixed with other ingredients.