Vitamin C Therapy

Did You Know…vitamin C an “destroy all virus organisms,” according to the revolutionary work of an unsung hero?

You may think you know all about the health benefits of vitamin C, but unless you’re familiar with the work of Dr. Frederick Klenner, there’s so much more to the story than you think.  Dr. Klenner spent over three decades studying the incredible curative properties of vitamin C and its ability to treat polio…multiple sclerosis…and venomous snake bites, among other maladies.    

Klenner first presented his findings on a national stage on June 10, 1949, at the Annual Session of the American Medical Association in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Despite being a virtually unknown general practitioner operating in small town North Carolina, he confidently announced to the assembled crowd that, assuming you determined the proper dose, vitamin C could be used to destroy all virus organisms. 

The Doctor Who Fought Deadly Diseases With a Common Vitamin 

The success stories that Klenner documented undermine conventional medicine’s insistence on risky treatments with high potential for serious side effects.  He used vitamin C to cure some of the most deadly diseases of his era, even polio.  Others had theorized that vitamin C could lessen the effects of polio, but Klenner was the first to try treating polio patients with massive doses.

Klenner used a simple method to determine the appropriate dose:  the sicker the patient, the higher the dose.  For polio, he gave patients daily doses equivalent to tens of thousands of milligrams of vitamin C.  According to Klenner, this treatment method cured all 60 of the polio patients under his care.  His patients completely avoided paralysis, and were fully recovered within three days of beginning treatment.

You Could Say the “C” Stands for “Cure”

Klenner’s work did not stop with polio.  He also used vitamin C to treat illnesses including…

 Influenza (“the flu”)

The key to his approach was using a high enough dose of vitamin C for a long enough time.  “Don’t expect to control a virus with 100 to 400 mg of C,” he warned.

Vitamin C may not be able to resolve all chronic viral conditions as in the three-day time span it took Klenner to cure his polio patients—but research has yet to identify an acute viral condition that vitamin C cannot speedily eradicate.

Klenner’s years of study indicate that vitamin C acts as an anti-infective and reducing agent.  The only cases in which vitamin C failed to produce a cure occurred in patients with severe tissue damage and those near death. 

Why You Shouldn’t Take the Recommended Dose 

Whether or not you are currently combating an illness, Dr. Klenner believed any person could benefit from vitamin C therapy.  He staunchly opposed the typical recommended dose, which he felt was only useful for warding off acute scurvy.  In order to address chronic vitamin C deficiency made worse by factors like stress…environmental impurities…and infectious organisms, Klenner prescribed a preventative dose of 10,000 to 15,000 mg daily.

At this point, it’s important to mention that even at very high levels, vitamin C is considered nontoxic, and few side effects have been reported with vitamin C therapy other than stomach upset.  It’s also important to recall that Klenner instructed patients to take enough vitamin C to remain symptom free, and that the precise amount required varies from person to person.

If you’re interested in trying vitamin C therapy you should consult with your preferred health care practitioner and be prepared to experiment to find the optimal dose for you.