Heal Voice Disorders With the Catona Method

Did you know…that there’s a revolutionary (but easy) way to heal voice disorders and give your speaking voice (or singing voice) more power, resonance, range, flexibility and endurance…even as you age?

The common telltale signs of aging, which most baby boomers and older adults desperately try to avoid or eliminate are wrinkles…loss of energy and vigor…decreased memory…and greying of the hair, among many others. Now, there’s another oft-ignored aging symptom that makes your real age glaringly evident, and that’s…a voice disorders that sounds “old.”

Most adults—even those in their late 40s, or even younger—begin to notice a reduction in the strength, range and quality of their voices as they age. The voice often becomes shaky and loses resonance. Other symptoms include frequent hoarseness, the constant need to clear the throat, and weakness of breath when speaking.

There’s a need to be mindful of the gradual deterioration of the voice because it impacts how you’re viewed by other people and society in general.

Listeners tend to judge people with old-sounding voices as being feeble, slow-thinking, inflexible, fragile, less virile (in men)—and even unemployable. Since fewer people are retiring at the standard age of 65 years old, more seniors are staying physically and socially active well into their “golden years.”

A strong voice plays an important role in one’s professional and personal activities.

A popular study from the 90s demonstrates how important voice is to interactions. Participants listened to an older voice and a younger voice. The older voices were labeled “doddery,” “vague” and “rambling” even though they spoke the same words as their younger counterparts. voice disorders

Over time, the laryngeal muscles (which control tone and pitch), as well as the muscles in the head, neck, abdomen, and chest (which control volume), gradually begin to break down. As we age, the folds of muscle that surround the larynx weaken, causing the voice to sound hoarse and breathy.

An Easy Alternative to Invasive Procedures

Doctors treat vocal problems with a variety of therapies, such as laryngeal surgery and collagen injections to thicken thinning vocal cords. The safest and easiest treatment for voice disorders are vocal exercises designed to develop your vocal muscles, thereby strengthening the resonance, power and endurance of your voice.

“Voice Builder to the Stars,” Gary Catona, who has helped develop the legendary voices of celebrities such as Stevie Wonder, Andrea Boccelli, Usher, Robin Thicke, Sade, Liza Minelli, Lionel Ritchie—and even the late Whitney Houston—has developed a voice building system that can heal a range of vocal disorders, from slightly strained to the more severe spastic dysphonia (a chronic voice condition in which the vocal cord muscles lose control and the voice sounds shaky and strained).

Catona is not merely a voice disorders builder for singers. His techniques are just as effective when used to build the speaking voice. Motivated by his own setbacks—training with the most world-renowned vocal coaches had only weakened his voice further—Catona began studying vocal anatomy.

He realized that in order to improve the voice, you have to strengthen the vocal muscles with targeted voice exercises. While conducting research, he stumbled upon isokenetics, a form of exercise that is used to improve muscle strength and stamina. Combining isokenetic principles with age-old voice techniques used by Italian opera singers, Catona created the Catona Voice Building System.

“Behind the Great Voice is the Muscular Voice”

Such is the underlying principle behind Catona’s method. He uses unparalleled voice-building exercises, which are very easy to do, and are—curiously enough—the exact opposite of the vocalization methods taught by voice teachers. His exercises strengthen the laryngeal muscles and heal aggravating vocal disorders.

His techniques and successes have been featured in USA Today, People Magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and even on Entertainment Tonight. Shirley Maclaine devoted 5 pages of her book, “Dance While You Can,” to Catona and his methods, after spending 8 months strengthening her voice with the vocal master.

If you are inspired to rebuild your voice, transform it back to the vibrant, resonant voice of your younger years, but don’t have a celebrity income, you can achieve the same results as Gary’s private coaching students by using a very inexpensive Voice Builder App (VoiceBuilderApp.com) that features the Catona Voice Building System.

Gary created this new app which guides you through unconventional voice-building exercises that rapidly transform your voice, giving it power, resonance, range, flexibility and endurance …no matter what your age may be.