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UndergroundHealthReporter.com is an information hub brought to you by Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing, LLC, the publisher of the eponymous Underground Health Reporter E-Newsletter as well as the bestselling book, The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases.

This website was designed as a daily destination for little-known, cutting-edge — and sometimes unconventional — information that can revolutionize people’s health… or even save lives. It emerged as an offshoot of the highly popular Underground Health Reporter E-Newsletter, which is read by hundreds of thousands of subscribers from every country in the world every single week.

We believe that health and wellness are two of the most important assets any human being can possess — and without which one cannot live a productive, joyful and meaningful life. Every day, new health breakthroughs and alternative cures emerge that are proven to alleviate pain and suffering… cure disease… reverse aging… and contribute to the health of mankind. But oftentimes, such breakthroughs and cures are systematically suppressed by the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry because they threaten the profits of those industries.

This website, therefore, is designed to be your daily dose of startling discoveries in health and wellness. Every alternative therapy and health breakthrough in the pages of this site has been thoroughly researched and verified for its effectiveness before it was allowed to be featured here.

You’ll find that most doctors won’t even know that these breakthroughs and therapies even exist. That’s because alternative and unconventional healing modalities are not taught in medical school. And the average doctor is unable to keep abreast of all the new alternative treatments that are constantly being developed.

We are committed to scouring the world to bring you the best health resources available, both online or offline. You’ll be among the first to know about all the new healing discoveries… as soon as we find them. UndergroundHealthReporter.com is also a health community where users can share ideas, opinions, personal experiences, and health resources relating to alternative health.

It is our hope that the information you find in this portal website will help you make informed decisions with regards to your health.

If this website enables you to take control of your health… expands your awareness of the limitless options for healing virtually any disease… offers you opportunities to take your health to the highest level… gives you freedom from being a victim of the drug-centered health care system… or gives you hope of a life filled with vibrant health and freedom from disease… then this website would have fulfilled its purpose.

Wishing you the best of health,

Danica Collins

Editor, UndergroundHealthReporter.com
and Underground Health Reporter™ E-Newsletter