Using Applied Kinesiology to Determine Truth from Falsehood

Applied Kinesiology: Alternative Medicine Method Used for Diagnosis…

A psychiatrist named Dr. David Hawkins conducted a 29-year study that demonstrated that the human body becomes stronger or weaker depending on a person’s mental state. Simply by applying a small amount of pressure on an outstretched arm, Hawkins discovered that you can distinguish truth or falsehood of any statement.

This research is based on the science of applied kinesiology, which is an alternative medicine method used for diagnosis and for determining the therapy to be used for a health condition. A positive stimulus generates a strong muscle response, and a negative stimulus results in a demonstrable weakening of the test muscle. Clinical kinesiological muscle testing as a diagnostic technique has been verified widely for more than 2 decades.


Applied kinesiology enables you to have a simple yes-or-no answer to any question — an answer you could rely on and trust.

The test itself is easy and foolproof. Suppose you wanted to determine whether a nutritional supplement is good for you or not. You can do the arm-pull-down test. While holding a bottle of the supplements in one hand, you extend the other arm until it’s perpendicular to the floor … as another person exerts a downward force with 2 fingers on your outstretched arm. If your arm “tests strong” — i.e. does not give in to the pressure — the nutritional supplement is good for you. If your arm “tests weak” — i.e., it succumbs to the pressure — the supplement is not good for you.

Likewise, if you wish to verify the truth or falsehood of a statement, all you have to do is hold the statement in mind silently (or state it verbally) and extend your arm as another person exerts a downward force with 2 fingers on your outstretched arm. There is a positive muscle response when a true statement is made and a negative response if you are given a false statement. The kinesiologic test operates in a non-linear domain, so it is not in the ordinary realm of personal experience. Therefore, this phenomenon occurs independently of your knowledge or opinion. It’s been proven cross-culturally in any population, and the results have been consistent over time!

Although this sounds incredible, it is based on the work of Dr. Hawkins, a highly respected psychiatrist with impeccable credentials. He is a lifetime member of the American Psychiatric Association. During his 50 years as a psychiatrist, Dr. Hawkins published original research with Nobel Prize winners that helped revolutionize psychiatry. He received the Huxley Award, and in 1995, he was knighted by the Danish Crown.

Dr. Hawkins’ research was so convincing, it was accepted and endorsed by such people as Nobel Prize-winner Mother Teresa, Lee Iacocca, Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton and Wayne Dyer, spiritual guru to thousands worldwide. Dyer has called Hawkins’ research “breathtaking” and “Perhaps the most important and significant information I’ve come across in the past 10 years.”

By using the procedure described above, you can instantly know whether a work of art is genuine or fake, for instance. Recently, a Vermeer painting was in question — was it genuine or not? The experts puzzled over it, but with applied kinesiology, it took only a few seconds to find out because holding the question in mind makes the arm go strong or weak. The Vermeer was genuine.

Other uses of the arm-pull-down test: Instantly detect counterfeits, bad checks, or any claims that are suspect … discover whether a house you’re considering buying has any secret problems the seller isn’t telling you about … determine whether a medical diagnosis or prescribed treatment is correct or incorrect … identify the level of truth of any teacher, set of teachings, philosophy, religion, or government … determine the fidelity of a relationship, employees, business associates, lawyers, accountants, earnings statements, contracts, and customers.