Benefits of Argan Oil – Healing Liquid Gold From Morocco

In recent years, an incredible oil from Morocco called Argan oil (Argania spinosa) has become such a hot commodity that a New York Times editorial termed it “liquid gold.”

Since its meteoric climb in popularity, the benefits of argan oil have been the subject of numerous research studies. The proven benefits of this honey-colored substance with a hazelnut flavor are quite impressive. pure Argan oilSo far, studies indicate that Argan oil can prevent prostate cancer, lower cholesterol, and prevent or reverse various other diseases.

When applied to the skin, pure Argan oil benefits prove to be both healing and anti-aging.

The active natural ingredients in argan oil are impressive, and include…

    • Tocopherols
    • Squalene
    • Carotenes
    • Sterols
    • Phenolic antioxidants

Benefits of Argan Oil for Internal and External Healing

There are two grades of Argan oil: culinary and cosmetic. The culinary version tastes like a smokier sesame oil and is exceptionally good for your internal organs. The cosmetic grade offers outstanding benefits for the body’s largest organ, the skin.

Pure Argan oil used internally has been shown to fight cancer, cardiovascular disease, and inflammatory disorders. When applied externally, it cures everything from scars to infections to split ends to stretch marks.

Superfood, Supreme

Dr. Philip Steig, Ph.D., M.D., professor and chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College and Neurosurgeon-in-Chief at New York Presbyterian Hospital, said experts are hailing the benefits of Argan oil as the newest super food.

“As a rule of thumb, about 30% of your diet should come from fat,” said Steig, “no more than ¼ from saturated fats such as meat and butter.” The rest should come from healthier, mono- and polyunsaturated fats.

Established sources of these healthy fats include:

    • Nuts
    • Fish
    • Sesame oil
    • Sunflower oil
    • Canola oil
    • Olive oil

Argan oil out does every single one of these other food sources.

It contains healthier omega 3s than olive oil, more vitamin E than sweet almond oil, and myriad cancer-fighting antioxidants, as well.

Scientific research suggests that culinary Argan oil can help to…

    • Lower cholesterol
    • Improve circulation
    • Stabilize blood sugar
    • Ease pain from rheumatism and arthritis
    • Strengthen the body’s immune system
    • Prevent various types of cancer
    • Reducing the body’s resistance to insulin, helping treat diabetes
    • Protecting the body from cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases

Additionally, the oil is delicious. In Morocco, it’s eaten with bread, couscous, salads, and more. To make “Amlou,” the Moroccan equivalent of peanut butter, simply grind roasted almonds into pure Argan oil and enjoy the rich taste of this healthy alternative to your favorite nut spread.

Traditional Uses of Morocco’s Golden Oil

In Morocco, the only place where the Argan tree is naturally found, the oil’s amazing curative properties have been revered for centuries. In the southern regions of the country, pure Argan oil is celebrated for everything from soothing skin redness to curing rheumatism and more.

Traditionally, Argan oil has been used topically to:

    • Protect against and heal skin infections
    • Clear up acne
    • Ease eczema
    • Hasten recovery from chicken pox
    • Heal cracks and burns

One of the Rarest and Most Unique Oils in the World

The Argan tree is known throughout the Berber state in Morocco as the “Tree of Life.” Pure Argan oil is made from the kernels of the nuts from argan trees.

Today, Argan trees grow exclusively in the semi-desert soil of the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve. Due to this small and specific growing area, the trees are protected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)—and pure Argan oil is one of the rarest in the world.

The pure Argan oil industry is almost as unique as the oil itself. All Argan sold today comes from cooperatives operated by Moroccan women, and the cooperatives share profits among the local women of the Berber tribe. The money goes toward health care and education, as well as other good works. For example, Argan oil profits established an ecosystem reforestation project so that Argan can be sourced conscientiously and the supply will not run out.

Even more incredible is that revenues from pure Argan oil sales are reported to feed 10% of the Moroccan population.

Wonderful for Skin, Hair, and Nails…and the World

“Recent scientific studies have showed benefits of Argan oil has antimicrobial properties, and can be used in treating damaged skin and inflammation,” said Majda Alaoui Sosso, director of one of Morocco’s oil cooperatives.

This is in part due to Argan oil’s rich stores of essential fatty acids, or EFAs, which support the health and beauty of skin and hair (while also, when taken internally, boosting heart and brain health and regulating hormone levels and other critical functions).

Pure Argan oil is easily absorbed, and it regulates the pH balance of the skin, which in turn protects against sun exposure and other damage. It also reduces skin inflammation and thus helps control and reverse skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis while also diminishing scars.

Pure Argan oil’s proven and observed benefits for hair, skin, and nails are extensive, and include, to name a few…

  • Dry Skin: Nourishes and moisturizes dry, scaly, flaky skin and protects against infection.
  • Oily Skin: Regulates sebum production to keep the skin’s natural oils at a healthy level. With regular use, the skin will no longer look or feel oily.
  • Irritated/Itchy Skin: Protects skin from allergens that may cause itchiness.
  • Acne: Controls overproduction of acne-causing sebum and soothes the inflammation brought about by acne; also prevents the ugly scars acne can leave behind.
  • Aging: Stimulates renewal of skin cells and boosts elasticity while smoothing wrinkles and lines.
  • Sun Damage Rich in antioxidants that protect cells from UV light.
  • Eczema and Psoriasis: Helps alleviate inflammatory symptoms associated with psoriasis. Also addresses immunity problems and allergies that trigger eczema symptoms.
  • Hair: Repairs damaged hair. Moisturizes instantly, and prevents split ends while restoring shine. Increases hair growth and helps control, cure, and prevent dry and itchy scalp.
  • Scalp: Keeps scalp healthy and well nourished. A few drops will protect against dandruff. Keeps the roots of the hair hydrated, protected, and well nourished.
  • Nails: Keeps nails strong and healthy and restores natural shine while easily resolving brittle nail problems.

Purchasing Argan Oil

Pure Argan oil is available in many health food stores and co-ops. However, be wary of oils that contain Argan oil as an ingredient, and be especially selective when purchasing Argan oil for internal use.

Your best option is to choose only 100% organic, all-natural pure Argan oil from a reputable supplier.

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