Extraordinary Healing Power of Love…Causes Cancer to Vanish

Did You Know…that love—yes, love—can cause cancer to vanish…tumors to shrink…chronic pain to disappear…and remarkable health transformations to occur?

Most people don’t realize that love is the cornerstone of all healings. Healing is rarely complete without it. Even prayer-based healing is fueled by one’s heartfelt acknowledgement and affirmation of the power of divine love. Sometimes, all that is necessary to heal a patient is just to love them at the spiritual level—and allow them to heal by their own recognition that they are loved.

Following is an excerpt from The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures No One is Talking About that illustrates the phenomenon of the healing power of love:

Dr. James Rogers Newton, a renowned 19th century public healer from Cincinnati, Ohio, performed seemingly miraculous healings primarily by gazing lovingly upon his patients. His fame spread and his practice ballooned until his waiting rooms were brimming with ill people seeking his help.

At the height of his career, Dr. Newton was healing 100 patients a day, and many of these healings were even notarized and attested to by the most notable individuals in Cincinnati. In his book, The Modern Bethesda or The Gift of Healing Restored (written in 1879), he wrote: “The healer must be imbued with the love principle.”

Another extraordinary healer is a man named Braco (pronounced Braht-zoh). He doesn’t use specific healing techniques, but with his love and gaze alone, he is able to heal people from severe illnesses, including cancer. healing power of love

Braco does not offer private sessions but instead gazes at groups of people, sometimes numbering in the thousands—and the sessions usually take only 10 to 15 minutes.

Braco’s real name is Josip Grbavac. He was the only child in his family and was born in Zagreb, Croatia. For more than 16 years, thousands of people of all ages, religions, races, philosophies and ideologies have been flocking to Srebrnjak, Croatia daily to experience the healing phenomenon of his gaze.

As of 2009, Braco began conducting gazing sessions in the U.S. attended by thousands of people seeking to be healed. Wherever he goes, stories of radical healings and recoveries from serious diseases have transpired. Cancers vanish…chronic pain disappears…tumors shrink…and remarkable health transformations occur…not just by gazing with Braco in person, or via the Internet (with Skype and live streaming), but also by simply hearing a recording of Braco’s voice or being in a photograph that another person holds before Braco’s gaze.

Some of the healings occur instantly, while others take a little more time—within a month or so of the gaze.

Tumor Shrinks 80%…Leukemia Vanishes

A woman named Michelle Kearney had a brain tumor when she first attended Braco’s gazing session in Los Angeles on June 4, 2010. One week later, she went in for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Her MRI report showed that her tumor had shrunk more than 80%.

A 21-year-old male family member of Paola Harris, the woman credited for bringing Braco to the U.S. in 2009, was suffering from leukemia. After a few gazing sessions with Braco, he was completely healed.

The “Invisible Hug” That Heals

Those who have attended Braco’s gazing sessions—including scientists and researchers—have compared Braco’s loving gaze to an “invisible hug” that reconnects people to wellness, creating healing miracles. Many women—as well as men—who are in the presence of his gaze find that tears inexplicably begin streaming from their eyes.

Fox News in Cleveland and Indianapolis covered the events during Braco’s Autumn Tour in 2010. They reported on Braco’s healing gift as follows:

Braco’s ‘Look of Love’ is deeply touching people’s lives across the U.S. as he shares his gentle gaze, bringing a gift that awakens a new hope for many and offers a deeper connection to spirit in lives coast-to-coast. He is a phenomenon of grace, and the positive interaction that takes place in gazing sessions with him leads to testimonies by visitors of a renewed connection to life and purpose, a new embrace of an inner peace and the beauty of life, and also some amazing health recoveries.

Braco’s rare healing ability is clearly a demonstration of the healing power of love to heal even the most hopeless health conditions. It also sheds light on every human being’s innate—but often undiscovered—ability to tap into love’s power to heal themselves and others. Healings are often medically and intellectually unexplainable, yet undeniably miraculous.

Proof of the help Braco has been providing to so many people is documented in over 20 books and 50 videocassettes and DVDs.

Liver and Intestinal Cancer Disappears

A cancer patient who attended one of Braco’s gazing sessions in Croatia said, “Doctors told me I had liver and intestinal cancer. The first time I met Braco here at Srebrnjak, I felt completely different. My pains had gone. I went for all the tests and nothing was found—as if taken away by hand. Doctors couldn’t understand it.”

To experience the healing power of love via Braco’s live streaming sessions on the Internet, go to www.braco-tv.com.