Chaga Mushroom Unique Complex Prevents Cancer Development

Did You Know…that chaga mushroom benefits can strengthen the immune system, help prevent cancer, reduce high blood pressure, and soothe an aching stomach?

The Siberians call this humble tree fungus a “Gift of God” and the “Mushroom of Immortality.” The Japanese have nicknamed it “The Diamond of the Forest.” The Chinese refer to it as “King of the Plants.”

And thousands of centuries of use attest to this mushroom’s healing and strengthening properties. Chaga mushroom benefits is especially valued for its capacity as an:

  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-cancer

Chaga Mushroom Benefits & Unique Complex

Chaga mushrooms grows on birch trees and is indigenous to Canada, the Northern U.S., Northern Russia, and Northern China.  It takes 20 years to mature and be harvested.

During that time, it draws nutrients and medicinal properties from the trunks and bark of the trees on which it grows.  And trees are perhaps the most nutritionally dense plants on earth.  After all, trees can live for more than 10,000 years!  The life-giving changa mushroom benefits nutrients of trees help chaga survive its harsh growing climates.

And as for any concerns about chaga being a “fungus,” the fact is that a Siberian birch tree forest contains fewer pathogens than an operating room does!  Happily, chaga also benefits the trees it grows on.

Scientists and botanists treat ailing trees with chaga to strengthen them.  When we ingest chaga we get those same powerful phytochemicals.

In fact, the Siberians are known for drinking a chaga beverage daily, and their average lifespan is from 80 to 100 years.  Chaga was validated by Moscow’s Medical Academy of Science in 1955 and is used to enhance the performance of champion Russian athletes.

Chaga mushrooms benefits contain a unique formulation of pigment-like phenols called chromogenic complex, which is only found in chaga.  This complex has been shown to protect tissues against free radical damage and help stall aging.

Chaga is also one of the densest sources of pantothenic acid, and also contains:

  • B vitamins
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • The super-antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD)

SOD protects against aging by neutralizing one of the most harmful of the free radicals—singlet oxygen.  This oxygen is the same type that causes a nail to rust, and if left unchecked in your body, your insides essentially “rust away.”

Chaga mushroom benefits offers unparalleled protection with up to 20,000 SOD units per gram.  (Typical SOD supplements contain no more than 2000 units per gram and are not as thoroughly absorbed by the body.)

One Remedy for Many Maladies, Including Cancer

Chaga has been praised for its ability to treat many conditions, including allergies, psoriasis and eczema, digestive upset, and high blood pressure.

Chaga’s most notable quality may be its ability to suppress the development of cancer cells. Cancer is virtually nonexistent in Siberian communities where chaga intake is high.

A 2004 study conducted by Professor Jordan K. Ziawiony of the Department of Pharmacognosy, University of Mississippi and published by the American Chemical Society and American Society of Pharmacognosy demonstrated that not only does chaga exhibit potent anti-microbial activity—hinting at its promise as a natural and safe antibiotic—but it also showed anti-cancer effects.

Researchers explained that chaga helps to mitigate the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

How To Use Chaga Mushrooms

Unlike common mushrooms, chaga is almost as hard as wood and experts say it is best consumed as a tea.  Expect an earthy but sweet flavor that’s quite tasty with honey and milk.

Chaga is often ground into powder form and then mixed in as tea, but you can also boil the chaga mushroom benefits whole, a process that ensures the same health benefits, but takes a bit longer.  After boiling, let the chaga simmer (at least an hour) until the water is tinted reddish brown.

You can also add chaga to your favorite smoothie.  Mix in some cinnamon and dark chocolate and you’ve got yourself an antioxidant-rich treat!