Electric Healing: Fight off Diseases and Replenish Vigor with Low-Voltage Treatment

People in Indonesia have found an astoundingly simple secret to better health. It’s the kind of secret that can benefit anyone because it affects every cell in your body — burning away harmful pathogens and delivering renewed energy.

Indonesians call it rail sitting, and it’s taking the country by storm.

Rail sitting means very much what the name implies. People find two sets of nearby railroad tracks. Then, they simply sit on the iron beams of one ribbon of tracks and wait for a train to pass by on the nearby parallel tracks. The concept is based on a belief that as trains pass close by, they emit a series of electric pulses that carry to surrounding rails.

The waves are low in voltage, causing no physical harm — but strong enough to send mild shocks throughout the body. One can localize the electric energy by holding onto the rails, or send the energy wherever relief is most needed by resting one’s ailing joints, spine, neck, or other target area directly against the rail.electric healing

Abdul Rachman, a resident of Jakarta, sits on the tracks every day after work. He likes to sit between the rails, reaching down and grasping one rail in either hand. “It just feels so good,” he recently told the Los Angeles Times.

“If you’re tired or have rheumatism, you touch the rails and all the tiredness vanishes.” He insists it’s the best way he knows to rejuvenate his aching body or even simply unwind after a long, stressful day at work. “Your whole body feels lighter,” says Rachman.

Electric Healing: Scientific Evidence

While the rail sitting phenomenon is relatively new, the concept behind it is not. Since electricity was first harnessed over a century ago, medical researchers have searched for ways to treat illness with its power. What Rachman and countless others like him are sensing has serious roots in science.

For decades physicians and researchers have tested low-voltage electric pulses in the lab. Some suggest that Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy and other muscle stimulating techniques can increase blood flow within and around cells.

This increases oxygenation, which in turn helps cells to regenerate and grow stronger. It also improves the absorption of calcium in bones, a major defense against joint diseases such as…

    • Arthritis
    • Rheumatism
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Inflammatory arthritis

Low-power waves may also have a place in fighting infectious diseases. As electricity sends its pulses through every cell membrane, it kills invader pathogens like harmful bacteria and viruses without harming healthy cells.

Some researchers suggest steady pulsations over repeated treatment may even attack aggressive tumorous structures — like cancer.

Electricity, Pathogens, and Cancer Treatment: The Work of Hulda Clark

Hulda Clark was one prominent scientist who studied the power of electric healing to destroy pathogens. A doctor and physiologist famous in natural health circles, Clark studied electric healing throughout her career. She also wrote several books on health and low-voltage treatment.

Dr. Clark was convinced that mild currents could kill viruses, bacteria, and other harmful organisms, and so led experiments on a wide range of electro-therapy methods. She eventually devised a safe, low-voltage formula strong enough to kill harmful invaders.

Dr. Clark’s work culminated in the mid 1990s with a device she titled “The Zapper.” The device was a simple tool that modified normal DC current into mild pulsations. The battery-operated tool is meant to be held by the patient — one copper electrode in one hand and a second electrode in the other. Dr. Clark asserted that with enough regular electro-therapy, even cancer could be successfully treated.

In addition to aiding joint health, promoting cellular regeneration, and killing harmful viruses and bacteria, low-voltage electricity may very well contribute to overall well-being in ways yet to be documented.

The Indonesian rail sitters may very well be tapping into new benefits of electric healing from low-voltage electric stimulation in addition to the core concepts studied by Clark and other scientists. You can learn more about Hulda Clark’s work in Underground Health Reporter by reading our article on The Zapper.