How to Increase Sexual Desire Naturally (or Suppress It)…

By Simply Pressing on a Functional Point on Your Outer Ear

An Excerpt from The Amazing Science of Auriculotherapy: Pain Relief, Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss and the Healing of 350 Diseases Through Ear Acupressure

Auriculotherapy (aw-RIK-ulo-therapy), also called auricular therapy, is a branch of alternative medicine that has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is a state-of-the-art therapy for the treatment of over 350 diseases, and is a clinical science recognized by the World Health Organization and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

One of the core principles of this healing technology states that the outer portion of the ear (i.e., the auricle) is a microsystem that represents every part of the human body. In other words, every point of the outer ear corresponds to, and is associated with, a specific part of the human anatomy.

Auriculotherapy has been used successfully for smoking cessation, allergies, weight loss, pain relief (including back pain, headaches, neck pain, sciatica pain, radiating pain to arms or legs) – and even, sexual desire for stimulation and suppression.

The two auriculotherapy points for stimulating or suppressing sexual desire were named after 15th century Flemish painter, Jerome Bosch. One point bears his first name (Jerome point) and the other his surname (Bosch point). Both have a re-equilibrating effect on the libido.

The Point for Sexual Desire (the Bosch Point or the Libido Point) increases libido and enhances sexual arousal. Massaging and gently stimulating the Bosch Point on the outer ear (auricle) can create greater sexual pleasure than the orthodox erogenous zones. Many couples find that stimulating the Bosch Point is far better – and achieves desired results faster — than engaging in foreplay.

The Point for Sexual Compulsion (the Jerome Point, or the Point for Sexual Suppression) lowers libido, has a sedative effect on sexual desire, and even alleviates insomnia.

Most of us are familiar with acupuncture points which lie on miniscule energy pathways called meridians. Simplistically speaking, the manipulation of these points either stimulate or suppress the flow of energy to corresponding parts of the body. It is this same principle at work when the Jerome or Bosch Points are massaged or manipulated.

How is the therapy administered?

While professional auriculotherapists may employ a small electronic pulse to stimulate the point, this is not the only method. Pressure, as in acupressure, can be used, such as finger pressure, or a blunt probe, like the end of a match stick, is all that is required to administer auriculotherapy treatment. Pressure may also be applied by using the forefinger and thumb, on any given point.

The point is pressed for between 30 to 60 seconds. The norm is 30 seconds per point. To know that the auriculotherapy is being effective, the ear being treated should turn reddish in color and develop a warm sensation upon being treated.

For more information, see The Amazing Science of Auriculotherapy: Pain Relief, Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss and the Healing of 350 Diseases Through Ear Acupressure