Oat Straw Benefits Longevity & Sexual Performance Enhancement

Did You know…that calcium-rich oat straw has been shown to heal osteoporosis, mend bones, improve cognitive performance–and even enhance sexual performance?

When oats are harvested before the grain matures, the green grass and tops are called oat straw (Avena sativa).

Many alternative health advisers recommend oat straw for its dramatic capacity to improve stimulation of the reproductive organs for both men and women…and consumer testimonials indicate this botanical can indeed work wonders in the bedroom. oat straw tea

But this calcium-rich herb has many other important healing properties, as well, from treating osteoporosis and osteopenia to reducing anxiety.

How Oat Straw Stimulates Cell Growth and Builds Better Bones

Research indicates that oat straw is an excellent defense against osteoporosis. One study published in 2000 in Integrative Herbal Communications showed that oat straw triggers the release of a “luteinizing” hormone in rats.

The release of the luteinizing hormone leads to an overall hormone surge that stimulates cell growth, said M. Blumenthal, who led the study. He says that this ability to stimulate cell growth makes oat straw a great supplement for building bone strength.

Oat straw is also rich in calcium and other bone-bolstering minerals. The late herbology pioneer Dr. John R. Christopher concocted a calcium-fortifying formula using oat straw. The formula could be taken as a capsule or a tea and had many traditional uses, such as:

  • Healing broken bones
  • Easing muscle cramps
  • Strengthening blood vessels
  • Building tooth enamel
  • Protecting nerve sheaths

Not all Calcium is Created Equal–Oat Straw’s Organic Calcium is Superior

Did you know there are two different kinds of calcium–organic and inorganic?

Inorganic minerals cannot be assimilated into the body. When you ingest supplements containing inorganic calcium, it accumulates and forms deposits in weakened or injured areas. Often, this leads to long-term side effects.

Organic calcium–such as that found in oat straw–can be assimilated. Calcium supplements of this kind are nontoxic, have no side effects even when used over long periods, and they’re significantly more effective.

An Herbal Remedy for Stress and Anxiety

As early as 1987, the German Commission E (comparable to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) declared oat straw a nervine herb. As the name implies, nervine herbs are especially useful for soothing, calming, and nourishing the nervous system. Because of this, Commission E declared that oat straw tea could be an effective herbal remedy for anxiety and stress.

In addition, oat straw encourages restful sleep and contains a powerful vitamin B complex for sustained energy.

Oat straw also enhances brainpower. Just this year, new studies published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine suggested that oat straw could improve cognitive performance. Taking 1600 mg of oat straw extract “acutely improved the attention, focus, and concentration abilities [of] elderly adults.”

The Best Aphrodisiac You’ve Never Heard Of

Though you may not know it, many male sexual performance enhancers use oat straw tea as an active ingredient–and a good deal of anecdotal evidence supports its love-sparking benefits. Better yet, when used with saw palmetto or stinging nettle, oat straw is said to be a very effective arousal aid for women, as well.

How to Make Your Own Oat Straw Tea

Ageless.com offers an excellent recipe for oat straw tea with slight variations depending on whether you’re using fresh plant material, dried material, or bark or seeds. In any case, the basics are the same. Begin the infusing process by pouring a cup of boiling water over the oat straw material, let it steep for 5 minutes, then strain and enjoy! If you like, honey or a dash of lemon juice can be added for taste.

Oat straw supplements are also widely available online and in health food and supplement retail stores.