Fact or Myth: Are Seasonal Flu Vaccines Are The Best, Safest Way to Protect Yourself Against the Flu?

This is a MYTH.

Seasonal flu vaccines may have become routine in the United States, but they’re far from being the miracle that mainstream medicine claims them to be.

According to new research published last month in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, “The most widely used flu vaccine in the United States is only about 60 percent effective in healthy adults.”

“They don’t work as well as we’d like them to work all the time …” said Dr. Joseph Bresee, chief of the epidemiology and prevention branch in the influenza division of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Not only do seasonal flu vaccines fail to consistently prevent the flu, but they can also cause adverse reactions, including death. seasonal flu vaccines And even for those who have no apparent adverse reaction, the flu shots endanger health by suppressing the immune system.

For weeks or even months after receiving a flu vaccine, your immune system may be unable function well to protect you from illness.

Furthermore, many ingredients in vaccines, including seasonal flu vaccines, are known neurotoxins. For example, heavy metals such as mercury preservatives and aluminum adjuvants are especially dangerous, and may even cause brain damage.

Vaccines can also have a number of other negative consequences, such as:

    • Altering your t-cell function, which can cause you to become chronically ill
    • Introducing foreign protein molecules into your system, resulting in allergies or autoimmune disorders
    • Eliciting an acute inflammatory response in your cardiovascular system

Rather than exposing yourself to these unpleasant risks, you might wish to take precautions to keep your immune system functioning at the highest level possible.

By bolstering your natural immunity, you may be able to:

    1) Avoid influenza and infection altogether.
    2) Move through and recover from it without complications and with a speedy return to full health.

Natural health practitioners recommend many simple steps for increasing natural immunity, and these include: optimizing your vitamin D and omega-3 levels…avoiding sugars and processed foods…getting adequate sleep…managing stress…exercising…and making sure to always wash your hands. These simple steps may be all you need to navigate flu season in good health.

The health dangers posed by flu shots represent just some of the risks associated with vaccines in general. If you want to challenge the “conventional wisdom” used to justify vaccination, contact your state legislators and community leaders.