Boost Your Immune System With Subconscious Mind Power

Did you know…that a LOT of people get well on their way to the doctor?

We have two different minds: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Some of us have learned how to control our conscious minds, but our subconscious minds are a bit more difficult to manage.

Your subconscious mind power has been downloading belief systems since you were in your mother’s womb. You were particularly susceptible to other people’s influence for the first 6 years of your life, when your high-level brain functioning was too low to express conscious thought.

If a child is told, “You’re sick and we have to take you to the doctor,” her subconscious mind interprets that as, “I will not get well unless I go to the doctor.” This belief that can play in the background of your thoughts for a lifetime, regardless of what your conscious mind may later choose to believe. subconscious mind power

Without this subconscious interference, the body heals itself remarkably quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, the subconscious exerts a powerful influence on our bodies, and healing stops in the blink of a thought.

What is so interesting is that as soon as we make the commitment to go to the doctor, healing begins. Why? Because the subconscious says it can.

The Conscious Versus Subconscious Mind Power

The effects of the conscious mind on the body are easily measured. When you are afraid, your heart beat races and chills run down your spine. When you focus your conscious mind you can change your body temperature, your heart rate and even your blood pressure.

The subconscious controls these same faculties, but to an even greater degree. The conscious mind controls our brain only 5% of the day, whereas the subconscious mind has a hold of our thoughts 95% of the time! Even if your conscious mind thinks, “I am healthy,” your subconscious mind may be running a different, and much more powerful program in the background, such as “I have bad genes and my family has a history of cancer.”

Less Than 5% of All Cancer Cases Are Caused by Genes

The old paradigm of thinking—that genes determine your health—has shifted dramatically. Science has found that the mind exerts a much more powerful influence. In fact, less than 5% of humans receive inadequate genes. If 95% of us are blessed with perfectly acceptable genes, then why do the rates of chronic illness continue to rise?

Consider a study that found that children adopted into families in which cancer was part of the lineage demonstrated a high risk for developing the disease, even though these children had no history of cancer in their biological lineage. Researchers discovered that cancer was not determined by genes, but by behavior and thought patterns passed down through generations.

Genes are merely a blueprint to health, but our minds are responsible for interpreting that blueprint, and it is up to us to decide how we want our health blueprint to manifest.

How do we do that? By managing our thoughts and emotions.

A Marriage of Mind and Body

The hypothalamus is the area of the brain responsible for translating emotions into physiological responses. It regulates appetite, blood sugar levels, body temperature and bodily systems—such as the heart, lung, digestive and circulatory systems—by receiving emotions from neuropeptides.

Neuropeptides are chemical hormones that carry emotions back and forth between the body and the brain. Neuropeptides essentially link the thoughts in your brain to the organs in your body, thereby impacting every bodily system, including the immune system.

When your thoughts are negative, fear-based, or stress-induced, your body responds by turning off the immune system, but if your conscious and subconscious mind powers are aligned with positive thoughts your body responds with enhanced healing and health.

The Power of Visualization

The University of Arkansas medical faculty recently demonstrated this concept by testing the effects of visualization on the immune system. A woman who had previously had chicken pox received an injection of the virus. Her immune system responded by developing a nickel-size bump at the sight of the injection.

She was tested several more times in this manner; each time researchers saw a significant increase in her white blood cells. For the next round of injections, researchers asked the woman to visualize fewer white blood cells; the bump was not as large and her white blood cell count was significantly lower!

Visualization is just one technique for controlling your conscious mind and reprogramming your subconscious mind power. The key to good health starts with rewriting those limiting belief systems that are negatively affecting your health. The first one to go? “I will not get well unless I go to the doctor.” Now watch, as your body heals itself as it was naturally designed to do.

The Power of Your Amazing Brain
The Power of Your Amazing Brain