The Ugly Truth About Big Pharma

We live in the age of the Information Revolution. With the advent of ever expanding technologies such as the Internet, information is at our fingertips and knowledge is no longer reserved for the privileged few…at least that’s what “they” would like us to believe. Unfortunately, the information we’re fed is largely myth.

Not only are we led to believe that conventional medicine is the only surefire way to treat illness, but we are also kept in the dark about revolutionary breakthroughs that have been proven to cure diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and much, much more! Our health is at risk each and every day that such vital information is withheld.

You may be thinking: “Surely if there were a cure for Alzheimer’s or cancer I would know, right?” Wrong! A few very large corporations are working very hard to make sure their wallets stay padded and you stay uninformed. Who is this “they” that keeps America chronically ill?

Big Pharma—aka the pharmaceutical industry—that stands to lose its lucrative monopoly on health care, a monopoly they’ve enjoyed for over a century…a monopoly that brings in nearly one trillion dollars a year!

The good news is that these unconventional cures are there for everyone to discover. big pharma Of course, you’d have to sift through a countless amount of research, false claims, myths and so on before you arrived at a truth you could trust. After all, not everything you read on the Internet is accurate. Such digging could take years, and your disease, or that of a loved one, may be too far along to treat by that time.

Fortunately, a trusted resource has done all the tedious work for you, closely examining all the unsubstantiated miracle cures and misleading promises, and compiling these little-known but medically and scientifically proven therapies into one must-have resource.

A resource that Dr. Paul Beals, M.D., C.C.N., former course instructor at Georgetown University School of Medicine, regards as “…the ‘gold standard’…the ‘bible’ for alternative medicine,” that “should be in everybody’s home and in every doctor’s office.”

But before we unveil some of the astounding discoveries included in the book, let’s delve deeper into the hold Big Pharma has on our access to healthcare information—information we, as citizens of the world, deserve to know.

Big Pharma Equals Big Money

Americans make up only 5% of the world’s population, yet Americans account for 40% of all pharmaceutical products sold. The fact is America is the most drugged country on the planet, with half of the U.S. population taking one or more prescription drugs. The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t just peddle pills; it pushes for vaccinations, a market that is estimated to make Big Pharma over $36 billion in 2013.

Big Pharma is not motivated by a desire to keep people healthy; it’s motivated by the desire to protect its trillion in profits.

And don’t think the government protects your health liberties. The Supreme Court recently signed a bill that granted pharmaceutical companies amnesty from any and all lawsuits brought on by unsafe vaccines.

Likewise, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the very agency designed to protect U.S. citizens from harmful drugs, discourages against “whistleblowing.” Just last month the media reported on an FDA spy program in which the FDA retaliates against scientists that express safety concerns regarding certain drugs, even though the FDA hired these scientists to do precisely that type of monitoring!

The pharmaceutical company, Merck, was recently outted by two of its scientists, who exposed the company for fudging the results of its clinical trials by spiking blood samples with animal antibodies in order to make its vaccine appear more effective.

A 2012 study published in the British Medical Journal, an international peer-reviewed medical publication, revealed that less than 50% of all NIH-funded clinical drug trials were published within 2 years time…and 33% still had yet to be published 4 years after the trials were conducted. What keeps these trials from being published? The drug companies stifle any trial whose findings put their product at risk.

Take for instance the FDA-approved diabetes drug Avandia, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. The company knew the drug put users at an increased risk for cardiac complications, but unfortunately the public wasn’t made aware of this risk until 2007, when an increase in heart attacks and cardiovascular deaths were reported.

Turns out, 35 of the 42 clinical trials testing the drug were NEVER PUBLISHED!

It is a fact that Big Pharma throws a substantial portion of its profits at doctors, scientists and politicians as a way to control the dissemination of information in its favor.

But My Doctor Says…

No one is saying that your doctor is “in it for the money” or is pushing drugs for profit. Unfortunately, your doctor has gone through years and years of conventional training that emphasizes drugs and surgery as the only viable treatment options.

Doctors are urged to recommend drugs and vaccines, and they have the literature to support these recommendations. As we have seen, however, the “literature” is skewed, and both doctors and patients are victims of misinformation and lack of information.

What doctors and patients need is an encyclopedia of sorts… one that details all the unconventional healing modalities not taught in medical school—the same alternative cures the pharmaceutical industry is working so hard to squelch.

An Encyclopedia that Won’t Collect Dust

You now have access to the “bible” of alternative health medicine; it combines 8 years of investigative work conducted by a team of traditional and integrative physicians (MDs), naturopathic physicians (NDs), Ph.D.s who specialize in a broad range of health and medical topics, and contributing medical writers, editors, researchers, and investigative medical journalists.

No matter the ailment—from the common cold to cancer to AIDS—this compilation of never before published medical discoveries has a cure! encyclopedia of medical breakthroughs

Forego those flu shots—proven to increase your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease—and discover the safe and effective, all natural flu vaccine that outperforms Big Pharma’s harmful, disease-promoting vaccinations.

Rather than combating your diabetes with prescription drugs that increase your risk for heart disease, find out how enlightened doctors are reversing 90-95% of Type II diabetes in just 30 days.

You’ll even learn all you need to know about the cancer cure discovered by a seven-time Nobel Prize nominee, who found that a recipe of 2 inexpensive food substances saved the lives of 90% of her terminal patients! And you won’t need your doctor to interpret for you…the book’s language is easy-to-understand and not bogged down with medical or scientific terms.

The information is easy to put into practice and includes where to find the substances needed for the cure, as well as the recommended doses to use.

It’s like having a “virtual doctor at your disposal 24/7! You can stop being a victim of Big Pharma’s scams and start taking control of your health today. Click here to find out more about the specific cures discussed and to take advantage of the hundreds of alternative therapies proven to boost your health and prolong your life.