Transformation Skin Cream Maximize Your Youth Quotient

How to Maximize Your Skin’s “Youth Quotient” Startling Facts You Must Know About Anti-Aging Skincare Products Before You Buy Another One

“Hope in a jar”—that’s what most anti-aging creams are often called—because most of them sell just one thing…hope.

If you’re like most women or men between the ages of 30 to 80 (or beyond), you may have tried many anti-aging creams in an effort to…

  • Reduce the look and feel of wrinkles and lines on your face…
  • Recapture the look of your skin’s lost youth, or
  • Put a stop to the signs of aging on your skin.

But most likely, once you started using the various anti-aging creams, you may have come to the realization (as most people have) that…they just don’t work—or they have marginal benefits at best.

Therefore, the question remains: Is there hope for perpetually youthful skin?

The fact is, you can significantly reduce your existing facial wrinkleshalt your skin’s agingextend the life span of your skin…and maintain the look of youth for as long as you live. transformation skin cream

You simply have to avoid the pitfalls that sabotage your efforts—and learn how to identify the highest-performing anti-aging products that enable you to maximize your skin’s “youth quotient.”

Warning: Beware of These Common “Tricks” 
Anti-Aging Skincare Companies Use to Fool You

Many anti-aging skincare companies use sneaky tricks to sell you products that could never accomplish what they promise.

Here are just 3 ways they secretly fool you:

    1) Ineffective Concentration of Anti-Aging Ingredients – Most anti-aging cream brands use the lowest concentration of active ingredients—instead of the concentration that has been shown in clinical studies to produce the anti-aging effects.

For example: One of the most celebrated anti-aging ingredients to emerge in recent years is Argireline® NP, which people have nicknamed “Topical Botox” because it mimics the wrinkle-reducing effect of Botox without the use of painful injections. What most people don’t realize is that many of the products that contain Argireline® NP only have a 3% concentration—even though it takes a 10% concentration to produce the phenomenal anti-aging effect.

In contrast, a top-tier anti-aging product like Transformation Skin Cream- Rejuvenating Crème contains the maximum 10% concentration, which is the only concentration that has been clinically proven to…

  • Reduce the depth of wrinkles an average of 17% in 15 days.
  • Reduce the depth of furrows an average of 32% in 28 days.

Why do some skincare companies use low concentrations of active ingredients that clearly don’t deliver anti-aging results? Obviously, the reason is to minimize costs and maximize profits. 

Another annoying practice that is quite common in the skincare industry is to put the least amount of an active ingredient in a product—just to be legally allowed to list it on their ingredient label.

Needless to say, putting an insignificant amount of an ingredient into a product will also yield insignificant results.

    2) A Delivery System That Does Not Deliver—Let’s face it. An anti-aging product that just sits on top of the skin—and isn’t delivered into the deep layers of the skin—is practically worthless. That’s just like pouring oil over water, expecting the oil to be absorbed by the water (which will never happen).

Unfortunately, the majority of anti-aging products do utilize a poor delivery system—one that does not get the active ingredients of the product into the layers of the skin where they can do the most good. Consequently, you get little to none of the product’s benefits. It’s no wonder why most anti-aging creams deliver only marginal results.

What’s more alarming is that some delivery systems are potentially unsafe.

A Skincare Delivery System 
Banned by the FDA?

In recent years, delivery systems based on encapsulated nanoparticles have become a buzzword in skincare. Since nanoparticles are tiny enough to penetrate the skin cells, they were initially thought to be an excellent way to deliver active ingredients into the skin. That was until the FDA became concerned that nanoparticles alter the structure of the skin cells in ways that cannot be predicted—and this could pose potential health risks. 

Although the skincare delivery system based on nano-technology is not yet banned, the FDA is actively investigating these real concerns.

The skincare delivery system that may quite possibly be the best on the market is one based on…oleosomes.

Oleosomes are little reservoirs present in the seeds of all crops, botanicals and nuts—and they protect the seed’s oil content. They consist of a core of vegetable oil and Vitamin E, surrounded by a phospholipid membrane and protein coat.

Oleosomes are a next-generation encapsulation system that presents this trio of skincare benefits upon contact with the skin:

    • An excellent delivery system that releases the active ingredients, the emollient oil and vitamin E deep into the skin
    • Outstanding emulsification; and
    • Long-lasting moisturization.

The best thing about oleosomes is that they perform their multi-functions in a completely natural way—and they provide a difference you can feel.

    3) Incompatible Ingredients—Just because an anti-aging skincare product has ingredients that appear to be good doesn’t mean the product works. Almost anyone can formulate a product with impressive ingredients—but those ingredients need to be compatible and have synergistic action with each other in order for them to produce stunning anti-aging results. Just one drop more—or less—of any single ingredient in a skincare formula could cause the product not to be effective.

More importantly, an anti-aging product needs to have a track record of verifiable success in the form of real-life case studies of real people who have obtained the results that the product promises. Favorable word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat purchases are also an important benchmark of a product’s effectiveness…and definitely provide an indication of the users’ level of satisfaction.

Although there’s nothing you can do to stop the hands of time, there’s something you can do to stop the havoc that time wreaks on your skin. Instead of looking progressively older with every passing day—you could maximize your skin’s “youth quotient” and make your skin look 5, 10, or even 20 years younger—as though you’re aging in reversewithout cosmetic procedures or surgery.

Before you schedule a Botox injection or get an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon, find out how to maximize your skin’s ability to behave like it did when you were a decade or two younger.

Discover the proprietary formula of Transformation Skin Cream that a Beverly Hills company developed, which has the maximum concentration of anti-aging ingredients that work synergistically together…and which uses the revolutionary oleosome delivery system which helps make human skin look biologically younger.

Are These People Aging Backwards?

“Transformation skin cream has made my face smoother and more supple than it has been in years. I saw a handsome male friend I hadn’t seen in nearly 4 years. Within minutes of seeing me, he said, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up. You’re the only person I know who’s aging backwards.'”
— Wendy K., Malibu, California, age 47

 “I have been using skin creams since I was 12 and in the last 33 years have tried many products, from drug store brands, to department store brands to dermatologist-recommended skin creams. And none of them can compare to Transformation Skin Cream – Rejuvenating Crème. It is by far the best product that I have every tried for my skin. I’ve just ordered 3 more jars. The results have been amazing!”
— Christine J., Jupiter, Florida, age 45

“I truly believe in this cream and love it! I never put an approval on something that I don’t truly believe in. This is a fantastic product. It makes my skin feel so soft and velvety. I can already see, in just a month, some of my wrinkles not so visible. It just feels richer, creamier than other skin creams I have used. I am 70 years old and this is making a big difference in my skin. It makes my skin feel like it is comparable to the Hollywood stars’ skin – very smooth and silky. Can you tell I really love this product? I told my friend about it and she is going to try it. I am telling all my friends about it.”
— Judy D., Orem, Utah, age 70

“I absolutely love Transformation Skin Cream. I have been using it for about 2 months and my sagging jaw line has definitely tightened and firmed up. My deeper lines between my eyes are getting better also. No other skin care product has given me these results, and I have purchased many, many brands.”
— Julie M., Lake Havasu City, Arizona