5-Minute Health Tip: 5-Minute Exercise Solutions

The older we get, the more important exercise becomes…and it seems the harder it is to carve out the necessary time to get our bodies moving! Busy schedules and unceasing demands make it difficult to block out 30- to 45-minute exercise sessions. So, we’ve come up with some 5-minute exercise solutions to help you amp up your physical activity levels, burn some calories, and stay fit and healthy even at your busiest.

womenwalkingTake a Power Walk

We stay rooted to our chairs even when there is really no reason to. There are ample opportunities to get out and about for a quick 5-minute power walk.

Got a dog? Put on that leash, and walk your pooch for a brisk walk up and down the block first thing in the morning. Your pup…and your heart and energy levels…will thank you!

Taking a call in the middle of your work day? Get your bottom out of that chair and move around a little. Pace around the house if you will…or better yet, take a power stroll outside while you’re doing business. Chances are the movement will joggle your brain for the better, and your associate will be marveled by your business acumen!

Do you always look for the closest parking space? You’d probably get there quicker if you just parked in the furthest spot, and then took a power walk from your car to the door. Whenever there’s the opportunity for movement…take it!

 Ditch the Elevator, Use the Stairs

Elevators are overrated. Don’t be tempted by the smooth ride. Bound up those stairs two by two if you can. Taking the stairs will get your heart pumping and tone those leg muscles!

Same goes for the moving walkways in airports. Stop letting the walkway walk for you and get those leg muscles moving…the heavier the bag, the better!

 Take a Movement Break

Five minutes of jumping jacks. Twenty-five standing pushups. Thirty squats. Some quad and calf stretches. These are just a few of the exercises you can perform in less than five minutes during the frequent movement breaks that…believe it or not…you really do have time for.

Waiting for the water to boil? Do some leg lifts! Need a computer screen break? (You really do, trust us!) Take a dance break! Bored with commercials? It’s time for some lunges!

 Develop a 5-Minute Routine

Some people do best with routine. Create a 5-minute movement break that you can do either first thing upon rising or right before you go to bed. A few dynamic stretches and weight resistance exercises have an awesome effect on your overall fitness.

Perhaps the best benefit to these 5-minute exercise solutions is the boost of confidence they provide. Too often, we criticize ourselves for missing our workouts. These feelings of guilt make it harder to step up and implement a consistent workout routine. Performing short bursts of activity helps to keep you on track, so that you feel good about yourself and enjoy steady energy levels throughout the day.