5-Minute Health Tip: Eat an Avocado

Avocados are full of healthy fat and protein, can help lower your risk of heart disease, promote healthy blood sugar levels, and aid digestion. There’s a lot packed into this powerful fruit. Let’s take a look at its nutritional profile.

avocado health benefitsInside an Avocado

Here’s a look at avocado’s star ingredients:

Lutein protects the eyes from age-related degeneration.

Oleic acid is a healthy fat that helps enhance the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin B6 and folic acid boost heart health by monitoring homocysteine levels, which have been linked to an elevated risk for heart disease.

Fiber helps improve digestion, balance blood sugar levels…and an avocado has more fiber than any other fruit!

Glutathione is the master antioxidant, and it strengthens immune and nervous system health.

Other standout nutrients in an avocado are potassium, vitamin K, vitamin B5, and vitamin C. It’s also very low in sodium and fructose.

Studies have shown that regular consumption of avocados help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and improve absorption of carotenoids such as alpha- and beta-carotene. And because of its thick skin it has less pesticide risk.

Eat an avocado today. Mix it in with your salads or sandwiches, add it to your smoothies, and substitute it in for oil, butter, and shortening.

Topical Uses

Avocados are also a stellar beauty balm. You can use an avocado as a facial mask to nourish and condition skin, as a hair treatment to help revitalize the scalp, and as an under-eye treatment to help get rid of bags. Avocados also have natural built-in SPF protection!

Fun fact: 50 million pounds of avocado are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday. Guacamole dip anyone?