5-Minute Health Tip: Take a Vitamin D Bath

Do you slather on the SPF 50 and cover your body with sun-protective clothing whenever you step outdoors? If you answered “yes,” then you’ve fallen prey to government-issued propaganda espousing the evils of sunlight and dangers of skin cancer. Couple indoor, sedentary jobs and lifestyles with all those silly sun rumors, and we’ve now got an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency on our hands! Experts estimate that nearly 87% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D, and nearly 95% of seniors! As for the link between sunlight and skin cancer? Research shows a positive correlation, and according to a study published in the European Journal of Cancer, melanoma (skin cancer) was found to be more prevalent in workers who spent their days inside, and in body parts rarely exposed to the sun. Unless you routinely spend time soaking up sunshine rays to the point of sunburn, skin cancer is highly unlikely…vitamin D deficiency on the other hand could be cause for concern.

walkinginsunVital Vitamin D3

Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin, but a hormone responsible for regulating nearly every bodily process. Vitamin D monitors levels of calcium and phosphate in the blood…promotes the mineralization and growth of bones…strengthens the immune response by turbo charging killer T-cells that protect against bacteria and infections…and soothes chronic inflammation. Vitamin D also helps regulate gene expression in over 3,000 genes, and helps prevent at least 16 different types of cancer. One study found that vitamin D3 (the type of vitamin D derived from the sun) reduced cancer risk by as much as 60%! Vitamin D3 promotes the self-destruction of mutated cells that cause cancer, and inhibits the growth and spread of preexisting cancer cells. A daily dose of sun-derived vitamin D3 can also slash your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and age-related macular degeneration that causes blurred vision and blindness.

Walk in the Sunshine

Sunlight is the most natural and effective way to ensure adequate vitamin D levels. Take a daily 5-minute walk in the sunshine. A vitamin D bath captures healthful UVB rays, which the body converts to essential vitamin D3. For these brief walks, forget the SPF. Expose large surface areas of your body, like your arms and legs, to the sun. You only need to apply SPF if you are spending more than 10-30 minutes in the sunshine (depending on your sensitivity to the sun). What’s good for the body is good for the mind, so enjoy the feel of warmth on your skin and the relaxation that is an all-natural perk to a daily vitamin D bath!