5-Minute Health Tip: The Bates Method for Improved Vision

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approximately 285 million people are to some degree visually impaired and that 80% of the time this damage can be prevented or cured. Unfortunately, conventional treatments such as glasses and contacts aren’t compatible with how your vision functions and can actually make your eyesight worse!

squintingThe Problem with Lenses

Our eyesight isn’t fixed, but fluctuates between varying degrees of abnormal and normal throughout the day. Eyeglasses aren’t designed to account for this fluctuation and instead attempt to rectify vision with a fixed correction—hence, the need for a stronger prescription every year. Studies have shown that after just one week of wearing glasses, a nearsighted person’s 20/70 vision can decline to 20/200.

Contact lenses aren’t any better and ultimately leave you more vulnerable to cornea damage. Lenses irritate the eye, distort the shape of the cornea, and strip the cornea of oxygen. Lens solutions can also lead to serious fungal infections that can cause blindness.

Correct Vision Naturally

Here’s a simple quiz: who is more likely to squint and strain his eyes? The person with 20/20 vision, or the person with compromised eyesight? The later, of course! Train your eye muscles to relax, and your eyesight will improve exponentially.

Cornell ophthalmologist Dr. William Bates spent 30 years researching the underlying cause of vision impairment—eye strain. He developed a natural therapy called the Bates Method that has helped tens of thousands of individuals reclaim healthy eyesight. The Bates Method rests on the principles of eye relaxation. In the 1900s a group of New York eye doctors (threatened by the success of the method) convinced New York politicians to make the Bates Method illegal, a ban that has yet to be overturned in New York State!

Fortunately, you can find leading instructors who teach the Bates Method across the globe.  Or you can learn this technique yourself and restore your vision naturally with simple exercises to relax your eyes. Start with the following eye relaxation techniques:

  • Close your eyes and think of something pleasant. This will help reduce stress, thereby relaxing the strain from eye muscles. Let the sun shine on your closed lids to further relaxation.
  • Rest your elbows on a table and cup your closed eyes with your palms, keeping your fingers crossed over your forehead. Breathe deeply while you relax. The more black you see, the more relaxed you are.
  • Try a new spin on the traditional eye chart. Stand 10 to 20 feet away and read the smallest line you can without straining. Then, focus on a single letter on that line, capturing all the detail. Close your eyes and remember every nuance of the letter. Open your eyes, and you should be able to see not only that letter in sharper focus, but also the letter beneath it. Five minutes a day will sharpen your vision in no time!