How “Microscopic Special Forces” Rescued an Author’s Wife from Cancer

Discover An Alternative Cancer Treatment – A Secret Milkshake Recipe That Halts Cancer

“Cancer is a terrorist cell, and it has to be tackled as such,” says bestselling author, James Sheridan.

After his wife was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that most doctors scratched their heads over, Sheridan embarked on a crusade for the truth, searching the four corners of the world for a way to save his wife, and prevent cancer from returning.

That’s when he uncovered a shocking truth. “Coming into this frightening world of cancer with fresh eyes, I quickly saw that something was very wrong. There’s more people employed by the cancer industry than there are patients, so it was no surprise for me to uncover a trail of natural cure cover-ups by big pharma.”

Perhaps it took the “fresh eyes” of an investigative journalist to unravel the cancer cure mystery, because after giving his wife a secret recipe milkshake, her cancer never returned. They both continue to take the milkshake daily as what the couple refer to as their “cancer shield.

Sheridan clearly isn’t frightened to upset the apple-cart by discovering an alternative cancer treatment. So disgusted was he by the whole affair, he wrote a book about it that tens of thousands of people signed a petition for to stop it being banned (yep, certain ‘flagged’ books get banned every year in America). “The public support was amazing,” says Sheridan. “I didn’t realize just how many people out there suspected the things I was trying to expose to the population.”

So what are the secret ingredients in this milkshake?

Clearly, it isn’t just milk and ice cream, so we quizzed him about it. It turns out he’s not selling his own line of milkshakes, rather he explains that it’s a special blend of little-known compounds and yes, with milk added.

“I saw cancer as a terrorist, and terrorists aren’t beaten by conventional forces or frontal assaults like the barbaric chemotherapy the public is sold on. You have to send in specialists to get the bad guys.” Sheridan says.

Sheridan shows that the ingredients of this cancer-killing milkshake are like “microscopic special forces”, each of the ingredients a part of the ‘strike force’ that makes a precise shock attack on cancer cells and prevents them from returning.

Sheridan speaks of his “microscopic special forces” as a proud general might, which is perhaps understandable when you appreciate they rescued his wife from cancer.

He explains each of the phases of the attack on cancer: “The first compound destabilizes the cancer cells, much like the CIA would behind the scenes. Alternative Cancer TreatmentsThe next cuts off the supply lines to the cancer. The next compound jams the way in which cancer cells communicate with each other to multiply. So the enemy – these terrorist cancer cells- are severely weakened by now. Then we send in James Bond- this next compound actually infiltrates the cancer cell and sabotages it.

The next microscopic specialist sets what are effectively explosive charges in the cancer cell. Then the ‘sniper’ compound goes in and picks off the cancer cells. Finally, we leave a ‘peace-keeping force’ in place to make sure the cancer doesn’t return.

This milkshake is a powerful preventative as well as a cure- you shouldn’t wait until you have cancer to start taking it.”

All this in a milkshake?

“Yes, and it tastes great. And each compound in it is clinically proven.” As he says, “It’s so sad that there’s so many snake-oil salesmen out there. It’s frightening enough to face cancer without all the false hopes and claims that supplement peddlers throw out there- it just muddles the waters. Only clinically proven natural cures- that was the only way to go to save my wife.”

We asked him what he would say to any skeptics out there. He replied, “Well, I understand because I started out as skeptical too. Very skeptical, actually. We don’t want to believe that conspiracies like this could go on. We want to believe everyone has our best interests at heart, but it’s all big business.

Once upon a time people thought smoking was healthy, or that asbestos was safe… all because the establishment said so, and we all know what happened there. All I know is that my wife didn’t do anything different other than use this blitz assault of 100% proven, but suppressed natural cures. People don’t seem skeptical about conventional medicine, and yet, by all reasonable measures, conventional medicine has failed us.”

Sheridan explains that the big secret behind his “microscopic special forces” curing cancer is based on a very simple premise that he noticed a lot of people missing when he begun his research.

“It seems obvious,” he says, “but a cancer cell is biologically different to a healthy cell. So then it made me wonder why we expect carpet-bombing our bodies with chemo would work- chemo kills ALL cells, not just the cancer cells. I figured there must be a way that exploits the fact that cancer cells are different, and there was. These ‘terrorist’ cancer cells hide in the dark behind healthy cells, using them like a hostage shield, but it’s like my “microscopic special forces” have night vision because they only have an effect on the cancer cells and leave healthy ones unharmed. They’re all proven to take a more sophisticated approach to curing cancer than the barbaric chemo. I think future generations will look back and see us as savages for what doctors pass off as cancer treatment. My wife is alive and living a happy life with children now, and the cancer hasn’t returned… all because these heroic little guys in a simple milkshake rescued her from cancer.”

James has put together a groundbreaking video presentation outlining much of his explosive cancer research. Go here to watch it now…

About the Author

James Sheridan is a best-selling author and publisher of one of the newest and freshest health exposés on the internet, The Health Whistleblower. In this role James spends much of his time examining health care myths, cover ups, and exposing the corporate takeover of health care.