Boost Lymph Flow and Microcirculation with Brahmi

Did You Know…that an ancient brain tonic also improves circulation, boosts lymph flow, and improves overall health?

Centella asiatica is a green-leaved, white-petaled plant crawling through the wetlands of India, China, and Nepal that possesses remarkable therapeutic abilities.  Called Brahmi by Ayurvedic practitioners, this age-old medicinal has long been known to enhance brain function, from memory to clarity.  But this potent herb also has a lesser known medicinal power—the ability to improve microcirculation and support the lymphatic system.

The brain depends on microcirculation for optimal functioning, and brahmi’s ability to boost microcirculation makes it a potent brain tonic.

What Is Microcirculation? 

Your arteries usher blood from your heart to small arteries called arterioles.  These arterioles branch off and direct blood to your capillaries, the smallest vessels in your body.  Capillaries deliver nutrients and oxygen to all the tissues and cells in your body.  The capillaries then flow into small veins called venules and from there into the larger veins that transport blood back to the heart.

This vascular network from your arterioles to your capillaries and venules is microcirculation, without which, your cells and tissues would starve.  When microcirculation is stymied and your cells don’t receive enough oxygen and nutrients, they compensate by forming fibrous tissue that doesn’t require as much blood.  Unfortunately, fibrous tissue blocks circulation further.

Numerous studies suggest that brahmi can help stimulate microcirculation and reduce the buildup of fibrous tissue.

One clinical trial examined 227 subjects with scars or keloids caused by the accumulation of too much fibrous tissue after surgery.  The subjects were divided into two groups:

139 patients received a daily brahmi supplement for 18 months.

The rest of the patients received surgical scar revision, in addition to a daily dose of brahmi.

Results startled the researchers: 82% (116 people) in the brahmi-only group enjoyed significant improvement in scar tissue-related symptoms, while those who also received surgical scar revision showed only a 72% improvement.  This suggests that brahmi as a stand-alone treatment offers remarkable benefits.

Lighten Up Your Lymph 

The lymphatic system is your body’s drainage system—responsible for carrying lymph, a clear fluid that is home to infection-fighting white blood cells that help eliminate toxins and waste from your body.  When microcirculation becomes sluggish, so does your lymphatic system.  Toxins build up between your cells and within your brain, and your immune system is weakened.

According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, an ill-functioning lymphatic system leads to accelerated aging and degeneration.  Fortunately, brahmi seems to impair lymph blockages and boost lymph flow.

Let’s take a look at a common occurrence of lymphatic congestion: the effect of flying on our ankles and feet. A pressurized cabin slows down microcirculation and lymph flow, which collects in the ankles and feet, causing swelling. Sixty-six passengers who flew economy class for 3-13 hours received 60 mg of brahmi three times a day two days before flying, the day of, and two days after. They experienced significant improvement in microcirculation and normal to no swelling of the ankles compared to passengers who did not supplement with brahmi.

Brahmi is without a doubt a potent herbal tonic.  Whether you supplement with full herb capsules or grow brahmi in a pot, experts say it’s a great way to get your circulation pumping on the micro level!

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