Cancer Detection Test Finds Cancer Within Your Body

Did you know, that there is a simple cancer detection test that finds cancer anywhere in the body with a 95% accuracy rate?

Most people — and most doctors — have never heard about this cancer detection test (called the AMAS test). Many cancer screening procedures prescribed by conventional medicine are often harmful and invasive. Mammography, for instance, which is the most common procedure for detecting breast cancer, has even been shown to cause breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) released proof that, among women under 35, mammography could cause 75 cases of breast cancer for every 15 it identifies!

The AMAS test is one of the only known procedures for the early detection of cancer that is safe, non-invasive, and does not pose dangerous health risks.

“Autopsy studies have shown that by age 50, almost half of all women have breast cancer, and 40% of men have prostate cancer.” states Mike Anderson, a renowned medical researcher. Mike continues …

“You can’t prevent cancer. You’re going to get cancer cells in your body. The average adult gets at least one cancer cell in their body every single day. And there’s nothing you can do to prevent that from happening. The question is not whether you get cancer but whether your immune system is healthy enough to kill cancer cells and stop them from multiplying.”

By the time you reach the age of 50, if you’ve, in fact, developed one cancer cell per day, you’d have 18,250 cancer cells in your body!

In 1974, Dr. Samuel Bogoch, a Harvard-trained neurochemist, discovered that as cancer cells collide with each other, their outer layer wears off, exposing the inner layer’s “malignin” antigen. Clinical studies confirmed that the body perceives the malignin as foreign, and therefore launches a defense against the antigen with anti-malignin antibodies (AMA’s).

Realizing that this discovery could provide a way to detect cancer in the body at the earliest stage, Dr. Bogoch devised a test (which later became known as the AMAS test) to measure the anti-malignin antibodies. Since malignin is related to most cancer cell types and locations, the test was nearly foolproof in detecting both common and uncommon cancers throughout the body

Including cancer detection of the:

    • brain
    • breast
    • lung
    • prostate
    • kidney
    • skin
    • esophageal
    • stomach
    • anal
    • thyroid cancer
    • and 200 other types of cancer which affect millions of men, women and children.

Now, why would you want to undergo a test that could detect that you might have cancer? Clearly, it’s because early detection affords you the life-saving advantage of timely intervention and more treatment options.

The investigative reporters at Medical Research Associates not only reveal where you can get the AMAS cancer detection test for free … but more importantly, will show you how to strengthen your immune system so as to keep cancer from spreading … and reveal how you can beat cancer altogether. The test kit is absolutely free, and it costs only $135 to have a world-class lab work through specific protocols to evaluate your blood sample for anti-malignin antibodies.