CoQ10 Anti-Aging Benefits: Can This New Form of CoQ10 
Make You Younger?

Dr. Tatsumasa Mae, a renowned doctor of Biomedicine, who’s widely acknowledged as the world’s leading CoQ10 researcher, recently conducted a study comparing the anti-aging properties of … the conventional form of CoQ10 … versus the new, highly absorbable form called Accel CoQ10.

The results of his study were nothing short of miraculous!

The study consisted of 3 groups of laboratory mice, as follows:

  • Group 1: Mice taking no CoQ10 at all.
  • Group 2: Mice taking conventional CoQ10.
  • Group 3: Mice taking the new “super-absorbable” Accel CoQ10.

After a few months, the test mice from Group 1 all died of natural causes — and they all exhibited typical signs of oxidative stress.
accel coq10
The test mice from Group 2, who were taking conventional CoQ10, were still alive — but they showed some signs of aging. These mice lived longer than those that didn’t take CoQ10 at all — but when they died, they had similar conditions.

The test mice from Group 3, who were taking Accel CoQ10, showed the most astonishing results. They were not just alive — they actually looked younger than the mice in the other groups!

The Accel mice also had more energy. They were running around in their cages with all the vigor of mice half their age — and they were able to run continuously on their treadmills two and a half times longer than mice from Group 2. And in spite of being “old” (for mice), they showed almost no signs of aging. After a year, the “super mice” on Accelaged 22% slower than mice taking conventional CoQ10.

This may quite possibly be …
“…the most critical health discovery since Dr. Karl Folkers 
first identified CoQ10 benefits back in 1958.”

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t mind getting older “in years.” What you do mind is the progressive deterioration of your body, the loss of youthful energy, and looking older as you age.
But that if you could …

  • Feel as energetic as a teenager well into your 60’s and 70’s?
  • Slow down the aging process, reduce wrinkles
 and protect your skin from the photo-aging effects of sunlight?
  • Strengthen your heart and have better cardiovascular health?
  • Improve your memory and enhance your learning abilities?
  • Have clearer vision, healthy gums and bronchial health?
  • Enable your body to burn fat more effectively?
  • Retain the power of youth well into your old age?

If you could do all of the above, I’m betting you wouldn’t mind getting older, would you?

And that’s exactly what is possible with Accel CoQ10. This new form of CoQ10 is 8 times more potent than the conventional store-bought CoQ10 and has already been shown to slow the aging process by up to 51%!

CoQ10 benefits have rightfully been one of the most celebrated nutrients of the past few decades. Some people even claim it’s a medical miracle.

But sadly, hordes of people who have flocked to health food stores to buy CoQ10 became disillusioned when they started taking the supplement and found out …

“It doesn’t work!”

That’s because most brands of CoQ10 sold on the market are the oxidized version — that is, they use an inexpensive form of the enzyme called ubiquinone. When you swallow ordinary CoQ10 pills, your body first has to reduce the compound to ubiquinol — the most biologically active form of coenzyme Q10. Only then can you absorb the CoQ10 as a nutrient that can power your cellular metabolism.

However, as you grow older, you progressively lose the ability to reduce ubiquinone … and when you’re over the age of 50, your body is no longer able to absorb this form of CoQ10 at all. When this happens, CoQ10 never makes it to your cells — and consequently, you get none of the benefits!

Accel CoQ10 has already been reduced to ubiquinol before you ingest it. This eliminates the need for your body to reduce it, and enables you to absorb Accel directly into your bloodstream where it can do you the most good.

This is not just a theory or hopeful speculation. The science behind this new discovery is published and peer reviewed. The health benefits of Accel are scientifically validated.

So … although there’s nothing you can do to stop the hands of time, there’s something you can do to stop the havoc that time wreaks on your body. Instead of becoming progressively slow, weak and feeble every day — you’ll crank up your body’s ability to produce energy. And you’ll be able to keep the mental and physical abilities you’ve enjoyed all your life … and even look younger … simply by taking one caplet of this new form of CoQ10 a day.

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