Coriander for Detoxification

Did You Know…one of the World’s Oldest Spices Can Cleanse Your Body from Your Head to Your Toes?

One of the oldest spices in the world, coriander, has recently taken on a new identity: master-cleansing herb for heavy metal detoxification.  In addition to its detoxing capabilities, this potent medicinal plant can also stave off type 2 diabetes and even reverse damage to your DNA.

The Medicinal Powerhouse With a Long History 

Coriander’s history can be traced back to 5,000 B.C. Hippocrates, the famous Greek healer known as the “father of medicine” whose contributions are commemorated in the name of the Hippocratic oath, is said to have recommended coriander and regularly used it himself.

Over the centuries, coriander has been used to treat a lengthy list of conditions, including…

  Small pox
  Mouth ulcers
  Skin disorders
  Arthritis and rheumatism
  Blood sugar disorders

Essential Nutrients for Full Body Cleansing 

The abundance of antioxidants… phytonutrients… minerals… and vitamins in coriander works synergistically to fortify you body’s immune system and “clean up” heavy metals.

Coriander has been shown to draw out mercury… cadmium… lead… and aluminum from the bones and central nervous system.

Coriander is the only substance proven to get inside your cells where it dislodges toxic metals attached to cell organelles and even reverses damage done to your DNA.

Coriander’s heavy metal cleansing can protect you from the diseases linked to those metals, such as…

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chron’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease

How Coriander Combats a Disease Affecting Millions 

Coriander can also alleviate problems caused by one of the most pressing health concerns of the modern age: type 2 diabetes.  Coriander oil stimulates the endocrine glands, thus signaling the pancreas to secrete more insulin.  More insulin in the blood means better regulation of sugar absorption and healthier blood sugar levels.  Coriander oil has such a remarkable effect on metabolism that some say it creates a “golden gut.”  Even those without diabetes can certainly benefit from the digestive support from coriander.  It regulates acid production and enzyme secretion in the stomach, as well as killing off candida albicans (a variety of yeast found in that gut) and other opportunistic invaders.

Expert Advice on Coriander, from Now and Then 

If you’re interested in using coriander to cleanse your body and support overall wellbeing, experts advise insisting on a high-quality product.  Pure-pressed, organic coriander oil should be completely free of additives.  Experts also recommend choosing oil that comes in a light-protective, air-sealed bottle.  Then, to adapt a saying of that early coriander fan Hippocrates, “Let thy oil be thy medicine, thy medicine be thy oil.”