The Life Saver Heart Surgeons Never Tell You About

How to Sweep Plaque and Toxins from Your Bloodstream…So You Never Have to Worry About a Heart Disaster

Here’s a bit of trivia you may not know: fat can begin to accumulate in your arteries at a very young age—10 years old to be exact. By the age of 50 that fat has swelled into thick, gummy plaque pasted like wallpaper onto the lining of your arteries.

Your arteries are designed to transport blood away from your heart and to your vital organs. Healthy arteries are thick and pliable so that blood can flow easily through them. When arteries become heavy with plaque, blood flow is restricted, putting unwanted strain on the heart and starving your brain and other key organs, leading to a host of dangerous and often-fatal health complications.

According to the U.S. government, next year…

  • 1 in 300 Americans will die from a blocked artery
  • 700,000 Americans will suffer from an obstruction of blood flow to the brain (That’s 83 people every hour of the day!)

There is a 90% chance that poor circulation will lead to a serious health condition at some point in your life. But you don’t have to give in to the doomsday scenario this probability paints. Even if you have a history of heart problems, high cholesterol or bad genes, you can reverse your symptoms and scrub your arteries clean with a safe and natural therapy.

This revolutionary treatment has been used for over 56 years and is so safe and effective that it is FDA-approved for use in baby food.

In fact, it is 3 times safer than aspirin!

Backed by 1,823 medical studies proving its efficacy and prescribed by 1,526 doctors every day, this breakthrough remedy has been proven to peel away the plaque, pump healthy, unobstructed blood through the veins, and restore healthy, fully functioning arteries.

Once oxygen-rich blood is flowing through your veins you will no longer suffer from…

  • Chest pain
  • Ice-cold hands and feet
  • Painful swelling in your legs, ankles or joints

But will enjoy…

  • Balanced cholesterol, homocysteine and blood pressure levels
  • Improved breathing
  • Increased energy
  • A stronger immune system
  • A revitalized sexual appetite
  • Healthier eyes
  • Boosted memory and mental powers
  • More elastic, radiant skin
  • Improved hearing

Protect Your Heart Against Disease Without Risky and Ineffective Surgeries and Drugs

For over 50 years, doctors have administered chelation therapy intravenously. Chelation therapy was originally used to rid the body of heavy metals and toxins, but medical experts soon discovered a very beneficial side effect: Chelation therapy also contributes to heart health by flushing toxins from the body, breaking down plaque buildup in the arteries, and improving overall circulation by up to 82%.

chelation therapy There is no need, however, to put yourself through numerous doctor visits for painful and expensive intravenous chelation treatments. You can reap the same benefit by taking a daily supplement that isolates the active agent in traditional chelation therapy.

It’s a natural amino acid similar in properties to your common household vinegar. It enters the bloodstream almost immediately and attaches to plaque and toxins clogging the arteries. Calcium deposits that have hardened our arteries and environmental toxins from paint, pollution and cosmetics, affix to this nutrient as though it were a magnet for every unwanted variable hanging out in your bloodstream.

And because the body registers the amino acid as a foreign substance, it quickly washes it from the body, along with all the heavy metals and plaque that have been polluting your arteries for decades. A steady rush of blood is finally able to nourish depleted organs.

Cells and organs are revitalized, brain cells function at their most optimal, once-dead nerve endings are stimulated, inflamed joints are eased, extremities are warm, skin glows and energy enlivens.

A Unique and Health-giving Partnership

Collaboration almost always breeds better results than a solo effort does, and flushing dangerous plaque from your arteries is no exception to the rule. When combined with other chelating agents, this unique amino acid is part of a powerful artery-cleansing system that protects you against virtually every heart-related problem.

As we age, our bodies collect cellular debris, fats and metallic metals, such as iron. What happens to iron? It eventually rusts! Signs that the body is suffering from internal rust are those unwanted “age spots” that dot our skin. There is a nutrient found in rice bran that has been proven to remove excess iron and calcium buildup from our veins, arteries and other organs, such as the liver.

The Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences and the journal Alzheimer’s Disease reports, “Loose iron is involved in the onset and progression of brain decay…Metal removal (chelation) is proposed as a factor for promoting brain and cognitive function by its ability to dissolve amyloid deposits in the brain.”

The International Journal of Cardiology reports that this nutrient, which occurs naturally in every cell of the body, “can potentially remove calcium deposits from arteries by enhancing calcium metabolism.”

The list of powerful chelating agents goes on…there is an amazing heart and bone saver that ushers calcium away from the bloodstream and into the bones where it is needed…there is also a potent antioxidant that prevents oxidative damage to the cell membranes and stabilizes blood pressure…there is even a nutrient that keeps LDL (bad) cholesterol in check.

Board-certified family physician, Michael Cutler M.D. is a unique medical practitioner in that he combines alternative healing with traditional medicine to treat chronic degenerative conditions. In order to reach as many people as possible, Dr. Cutler has created a free report that easily explains how these powerful nutrients are able to clean your arteries and just how you can start benefiting.

Arm yourself with the knowledge to achieve optimum heart health. The information in the report provided is essential, especially if you are over the age of 50, which puts you at greater risk of developing a serious heart or brain condition due to clogged arteries.

To learn more about this little-known medical breakthrough, and exactly how you can begin to boost blood flow, fight aging, enhance mental faculties and renew energy safely and naturally, click here .