How to Get a Non Surgical Face Lift and Look 10 Years Younger

Over the ages, the things that women have done to keep their skin from looking older have ranged from the fascinating to the bizarre.

Masks made of rejuvenating gemstones such as rose quartz and green opal were worn on the face to restore the skin’s youthfulness. Women in ancient Egypt, such as Cleopatra, were known to bathe in fresh milk to keep their skin young-looking. non surgical face lift

And perhaps the most outlandish of all anti-aging rituals was the one practiced by the 17th century Countess Erzsébet Báthory of Hungary.

Countess Báthory fell deeply in love with a young nobleman named Istvan. But she became obsessed with the notion that her age was the reason for the failure of her relationship with Istvan. Eventually, she became convinced that she could grow younger and maintain the youthfulness of her skin by bathing in the blood of virgins – and she did this ritual daily.

This is a factual and well-documented story.

Although modern-day anti-aging practices are not as barbaric as that of Countess Báthory, some are nonetheless as unsavory.

Imagine..hundreds of thousands of people actually have their wrinkles injected with a poison manufactured by the bacteria, Clostridium — a bacteria so deadly that infected people usually die from the toxins.

If getting poisonous injections on your face sounds like an uncivilized way to remove wrinkles, think again. That “poison” is actually called Botox.

Unless you’ve been hibernating for the last 9 years, you probably know that this injectable drug has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for de-aging the skin. And both women and men ranging in age from mid-20s to late 80s flock to cosmetic dermatologists’ and aesthetic physicians’ offices to get injected.

But if you’re not willing to inject unhealthy toxins into your body (and pay $500 to $2,000 for a Botox treatment every 4 months) – and cosmetic surgery is not an option – then there are 3 anti-aging ingredients that you need to know about to enjoy a non surgical face lift.

  1. Argireline® NP – This powerful peptide has been nicknamed “topical Botox.” It mimics the results of Botulinum Toxin (Botox). But unlike Botox, which is an injectable toxin that paralyzes muscles, this peptide relaxes them – and has been shown to reduce the depth of existing facial wrinkles an average of 27% in just 30 days.
  2. Plant Stem Cells – If you’re over 30, your own skin’s stem cells begin slowing down and you start looking older. Plant stem cells are clinically validated to replicate themselves into specific cells that replace damaged cells. This regenerative property halts skin aging and restores it to its youthful glow; while having a non surgical face lift.
  3. Teprenone – This is an amazing anti-aging substance discovered by a Nobel Prize winning team of scientists. It prevents the end caps of DNA strands from shortening, which causes skin aging, thereby extending the lifespan of the skin by up to 30%.

Discover the full story behind how to get a non surgical face lift which uses the “trifecta of anti-aging ingredients” to help to make your skin look 5, 10, or even 20 years younger…as though you’re aging in reverse – without cosmetic procedures or surgery.

Find out now how to de-age your skin at the cellular level — and make lines and wrinkles appear to have been “airbrushed” away by discovering the secret behind the trifecta of anti-aging ingredients.