How Processed Foods Are Quietly Starving You Of Nutrition And Keeping You Fat

“Avoid the Dangers of Processed Foods and Restore the Nutrients in Your Body for Perfect Health”

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When you sit down to eat your next meal – are you grabbing a colorful box and pulling out a frozen tray to microwave? If you’re pressed for time, odds are you’ll reach for a meal that fills your need to eat quickly and get back to your activities.

Even if you are trying to mindfully eat a balanced diet, a frozen meal may seem like a good alternative to a drive-through meal. The picture on the box is enticing, the food looks delicious – and the description sounds appealing… leptin-resistant

But what’s actually happening when you eat this “staple processed food” – is that even though you may feel full after your last bite. This meal with its poor ratios of nutrients to calories – is causing your body to starve.

After you’ve finished your last bite, you’ve unknowingly starved your body of essential nutrients it needs today. And the cycle continues each and every day, despite getting enough calories, your body is fooled into thinking you are starving. So it protects you by storing fat, slowing down your metabolism, and making you hungrier.

The hormone responsible for these reactions is leptin. It’s a master hormone that regulates your body weight.

When you’re healthy – your body doesn’t think it’s starving – leptin effectively curbs hunger, reduces sugar cravings, speeds up your metabolism, and signals your liver to burn fat.

But when your body thinks it’s starving, it becomes leptin-resistant. Then the opposite happens. You get hungrier. Your metabolism slows down. Your liver stops burning fat. You crave sugar and fattening foods.

Since starvation is a type of stress, your body also produces more cortisol (the “stress hormone”). When this becomes chronic, you become even more leptin-resistant. And the fat-producing symptoms get worse. So what’s the good news?

You can reverse this metabolic process by going back to nature!

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