Natural Arthritis Treatment By Way of A Green Lipped Mussel

There is a traditional Maori food containing what may be the most effective known natural arthritis treatment. The Maori people of New Zealand have long believed that eating a certain type of mussel — the green-lipped mussel (or Perna canaliculus) — can increase longevity, lead to overall better health, and a natural arthritis treatment.

This belief, at least as far as arthritis is concerned, is backed by some very impressive statistics. Among the Maori living in coastal regions with ready access to the mussels, both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are virtually unknown!

The Natural Arthritis Treatment Secret Ingredient

Back in 1973, scientists started working to pinpoint the source of the mussels’ natural anti-arthritic benefits. After decades of extensive research, it’s now clear that the active ingredients are polyunsaturated fatty acids. natural arthritis treatment

This family of fatty acids includes the omega-3s found in fish and flax seed oil, which are similarly well known for their impressive anti-inflammatory effects.

While its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties stem from the same source as other fatty acids, the specific type found in the mussels, eicosatetraenoic acids, are the most effective of these oils identified to date.

The active ingredients of the green-lipped mussel have been stabilized and made available for public consumption as a supplement sold under the name Lyprinol.

Lyprinol outperforms Other Oils

Direct comparison tests have been made between Lyprinol and other oils such as flax … evening primrose … Norwegian salmon … and MaxEPA, a high-potency fish oil.

In all tests, Lyprinol was by far the most effective at reducing swelling; it reduced swelling by 79%! The closest competitor, MaxEPA, only reduced swelling by 50%, and even that was at a far higher dosage.

Overall, the tests indicated that Lyprinol is 29% more effective than a much higher dose of MaxEPA … 200 times more potent that fish oil … and 350 times more potent than evening primrose oil!

Lyprinol’s benefits also compare favorably to those of mainstream, pharmaceutical treatments. Studies comparing equal doses of Lyprinol and the anti-inflammatory indomethacin found that for patients treated with Lyprinol, there was a 97% reduction of swelling, whereas those given indomethacin only experienced an 83% reduction of swelling.

Furthermore, Lyprinol has none of the side effects associated with standard arthritis treatments and it is completely non-toxic.

Lyprinol: So Strong It Not Only Treats, But Actually Cures Arthritis?

A German study on the viability of Lyprinol as a treatment of men and women suffering from inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis showed a significant positive effect for all participants.

At the outset of the study, 34 of the 50 patients required medicinal treatment for their arthritis. After the study’s completion, 21 of the 34 participants previously on prescription meds were able to reduce or discontinue them with the use of this natural arthritis treatment!

Additionally, 13 participants required no further therapy and 38% of all subjects were declared free from disorders. In other words: not only can Lyprinol be a natural treatment for arthritis, it has been shown to actually cure arthritis!

Lyprinol and Your Body

No two bodies are exactly the same, so Lyprinol’s effects vary among users. Some people who’ve taken it experienced results mere days after beginning treatment; while for others the effects took up to 6 weeks to kick in. However, most users say Lyprinol alleviated symptoms within a few weeks.

On rare occasions, Lyprinol users experience a slight increase in joint pain when they first begin taking it. When this happens, usually a decrease in dosage is advised, which gives the body time to adjust.

While it may seem improbable, the data shows that users who experience this temporary uptick in pain will eventually have even better results with Lyprinol than those who don’t!

Lyprinol does not interact adversely with other medications. It is technically a 100% natural nutritional supplement. It doesn’t trigger allergic reactions for those with seafood allergies, and has no negative side effects.

In fact, aside from treating arthritis naturally, Lyprinol can help with these common conditions:

  • Chronic joint issues, such as aching and stiffness
  • Asthma and other inflammation-related respiratory difficulties
  • Muscle swelling and stiffness
  • Certain skin disorders
  • Some cardiovascular issues, including heart disease

Typically, Lyprinol is taken orally, but it can also be administered by opening a capsule and applying the liquid inside directly to the afflicted area.