An Extremely Rare Oil That Transforms Your Skin

woman-up-close_mediumVery few people know about the remarkable health and beauty benefits of an extremely rare oil extracted from the flower of the hoya plant. But thanks to a celebrated skin care expert, that may be about to change. The therapeutic abilities of hoya flower oil can purify and repair skin … heal burns … and clear up persistent, painful skin conditions like eczema and cystic acne.

The Origin of Hoya Flower Oil  

Scientists believe there are at least 300 varieties of the hoya plant, also known as the wax plant and porcelain flower. The plant is native to the jungles of the places including…

  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • The Philippines
  • Australia
  • Polynesia

The vines of the hoya plant can be found twining around tree trunks, creeping along the forest floor, or even snaking across a rocky area. All varieties of the hoya plant have flowers shaped like five-pointed stars, with plump triangular petals. The colors of the flowers range from white … to pink … to yellow … to orange … to dark red … and even to green and near-black! Most have a sweet scent and produce rich stores of nectar.

Various cultures living in regions where the hoya plant grows have used it medicinally. A plethora of uses come from medical traditions of the Polynesian islands. In Tonga, the leaves of the plant are used to make a lotion that soothes rashes. In New Guinea, the juice of the hoya plant is used to treat burns. And in Samoa, an infusion of the leaves is used to alleviate various kinds of swelling and inflammation.

What Science Tells Us About Hoya Flower Oil

A recent collaboration between a Hollywood A-Lister and a skin care industry leader has introduced the oil to a new audience, spurring further research into its properties and uses. Little scientific evidence on the properties of hoya flower oil has been made public, but what we do know seems incredibly promising.

Hoya flower oil appears to be a potent anti-inflammatory with the capability to calm a number of skin issues. Scientific analysis of its makeup reveal that it contains compounds called phytosterols and terpenes, which flush toxins from the skin and encourage cellular regrowth and revitalization.

There are also reports that hoya flower oil red-hoya-flowers_facebookcan…

  • Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increase your body’s natural collagen levels
  • Plump and refresh sagging skin
  • Boost cellular growth within the epidermis

Should You Try Hoya Flower Oil for Yourself? 

So, who is to thank for turning the spotlight on hoya flower oil? None other than Gwyneth Paltrow and celebrity skin guru Sonya Dakar. A line of therapeutic beauty oils released by Paltrow and Dakar may be the first products containing the rare oil to be made readily available for purchase. The oils were initially envisaged as a limited-edition release, but Dakar was so impressed by their efficacy that she decided to make them a permanent part of her product collection.

Dakar, who Paltrow says is the one responsible for her preternaturally flawless skin, is one of the biggest names in the skin care world. Legendary beauty editor Jean Godfrey June gave Dakar her first editorial magazine placement, and Paltrow is only one name on a long list of famous clients (including Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lawrence).

If you dream of having healthy, glowing skin, consider adding hoya flower oil to your wellness routine!