Fact or Myth: Can Common Root Canal Problems Lead to Cancer?

This is a FACT.

One of the most shocking causes of cancer is actually root canals — a common dental procedure used for the last 100 years to “save” infected teeth.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation’s website discusses the frightening link between root canals and cancer:

“Dr. Thomas Rau, who runs the Paracelsus Clinic (cancer clinic since 1958) in Switzerland recently checked the records of the last 150 breast cancer patients treated in his clinic. He found that 147 of them (98%) had one or more root canal teeth on the same meridian as the original breast cancer tumor…. [Root canals] were proven deadly disease agents in 1925 in a study by Dr. Weston Price and 60 prominent researchers. That study has been suppressed ever since by the ADA and the American Association of Endodontists (AAE).”

The problem with root canals is trapped bacteria. Dentists claim to remove all bacteria from the affected area before filling the “canal.” But the irregular shape of the human tooth canal makes this impossible. The toxins left behind have been verified as more powerful than botulism!

Trapped bacteria and microbes are left to fester in closed spaces with no blood flow — the same oxygen-deprived environments in which cancer cells form. These toxins can then invade your body, causing cancer and myriad other diseases.root canal problems

The Stunning Research of Westin Price

The most startling experiments on root canals and disease are those of Dr. Westin Price, one of the last century’s most revolutionary medical researchers.

Dr. Price was the first to guess that a root canal problems are invisible disease-bearing infections. He began some extraordinary medical research, thoroughly detailed in Dr. William Campbell Douglass’

A woman who had been confined to a wheelchair for six years with severe, crippling arthritis came to Dr. Price for help. After finding that she had a tooth with root canal problems, Dr. Price suggested that it be removed — even though it looked perfectly normal and showed no evidence of infection.

But when Price implanted the extracted tooth under the skin of a rabbit, the rabbit developed the same crippling arthritis as the patient. Ten days later, the rabbit died of infection. The patient…made a complete recovery from her arthritis after the extraction.

Price repeated this experiment many times, with the same result…If the patient had kidney trouble, the rabbit developed kidney trouble. If eye problems, the rabbit developed a similar problem. Heart trouble, arthritis, stomach ulcer, phlebitis…infection of the bone…all would be mimicked by the rabbit after the insertion of an infected tooth…under the rabbit’s skin.

This research proves how root canal problems have led to massive illness, suffering, and even early death for millions of people.

Fortunately, a handful of dentists finally recognize the danger of root canals. But cancer patients must take care to locate a properly trained dentist. Practitioners must be qualified to evaluate and correct disease-causing dental work in a safe and effective way that won’t flood the patient’s system with a concentrated dose of toxins.

A few passionate advocates of alternative cancer treatments have researched and assembled resources for finding qualified practitioners. One of these advocates is Bill Henderson, who has witnessed firsthand the connection between cancer and its causes, including root canals.

An author, radio host, researcher, and cancer coach, Bill has helped more than 3,000 cancer patients from 74 countries become cancer-free — including many patients with terminal cancer.

Bill has seen how cancer patients recover when they get their mouths evaluated and detoxified by qualified practitioners. He knows how to identify qualified dentists, and how cancer patients can avoid being pressured into buying expensive “blood cleansing” add-on programs that he says are unnecessary.

Ultimately, Bill wrote two acclaimed books on natural cancer cures and developed a comprehensive cancer-healing protocol using gentle, non-toxic, and low-cost methods shown to reverse cancer in 6-8 weeks for only $5.15 a day.

Concise, Up-to-Date Guidance on Correcting Dangerous Root Canal Problems

Bill’s books — Cure Your Cancer and Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing — contain hundreds of pages of detailed information on the best natural cancer cures and the science behind them.

In contrast, his most recent report gets straight to the point on what to do to start curing cancer right now — including reliable ways to find specially trained dentists to treat disease-causing dentistry problems including root canals, infected extractions, “cavitations,” jaw necrosis, and more.

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