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It is straightforward and written in a manner that is easy to understand. It is to the point, so a person does not think he or she has to take the time to read it. I really appreciate that the information is ready to send on to others. I do not have to type in a website, hoping I get it right or download anything.

I have people I email the information to, and I ask them to send it on to anybody they know who needs help. Please keep this information coming to us. Thank you!!!!


Cutting edge information on vital facets of health and well being, incorporating the very latest advances in medical science and related disciplines, presented in a simple language that really empowers the reader.


I save many of the articles into a reference database for use when needed or for use by others. I currently have a cancer recurrence and am particularly interested in natural solutions.


Two things – When you do articles on supplements that even if they’ve already received tremendous press you will emphasize or re-emphasize the great significance of the benefits offered and thus give a new perspective on an “old” or “already well-known” supplement or food.

Also, I’ve consistently noticed your newsletter to either introduce new foods or unknown foods and also new or not well-known health practices, modalities or devices, habits, etc. that are unique or that I’ve never seen discussed or emphasized elsewhere!

You also have a great tendency to not just discuss a certain supplement in a general manner- but to go on and discuss what are the parameters and specifications of what the superior form or presentation of that particular substance is and you will EXACTLY name the producer or source. This is obviously a critically helpful piece of advice besides a mere description of benefit that you can obtain from nearly any other health media source!!!


Very cutting edge… I like that I have not seen a lot of this info on other sites.


“Danica Collins”, to me, has become synonymous with “Topics the Main-stream won’t touch”. I’m no Spring-Chicken, so I know full well the fallacy of the F.D.A. as well as what US Medicine has become. Danica goes where few dare, and to me, “Courage” is attractive, intellectually speaking.


It’s reporting a lot of very effective and hard to get information. The articles are always serious to the point and gives great information about hard to cure diseases. At the same time it’s full of information and sources how to really cure diseases, and necessary procedures to have a healthy body and life style.


I am able to keep up to date with the latest information on all areas in Health and well-being and can pass the relevant information onto other people on my data-base who have varying health issues and are really benefiting from your information. As a nurse working in the hospital system for 54 years I know that traditional medicine does not work and have always believed that Mother Nature has all the answers we just have to know where to look. I am also a Practitioner in Energy Medicine …… I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2008. I have done a huge amount of research and chose to go with Natural Therapies rather than the Traditional Chemo/Radiation much to my Oncologist’s disgust. I am still alive and well despite the fact that my doctor said I would not survive 2010. I now pass this information onto other people so that they an make their own informed choices.