Cell Phones Linked to Brain Cancer

A growing body of evidence suggests that cell phones dramatically raise your risk for developing brain cancer. The latest findings, published online in the journal Pathophysiology, confirm the cell phones linked to cancer find, and will hopefully convince you to reduce your cell phone use and start using an effective wired headset to shield you from harmful cell phone waves.

cell phones and cancerThe Link Between Cell Phones and Brain Cancer

Dr. Lennart Hardell, a professor of oncology at University of Örebro in Sweden, and statistician Michael Carlberg from the same University analyzed two case-controlled studies made up of nearly 1,500 brain cancer patients diagnosed with brain tumors between the years 1997-2003 and 2007-2009. Patients’ cell phone use was determined by questionnaires. After accounting for hands-free devices, which were considered non-exposure, as well as socioeconomics,  gender, age (patients ranged in age from 18-80), and year of diagnosis, researchers concluded that the risk of developing a particularly malignant form of brain cancer called glioma increased with cell phone use. The more hours spent on the phone, and the more years one’s been at it, raise brain cancer risk.

The research showed that those who used cell phones for the most hours were twice as likely to be diagnosed with glioma as those who used cell phones the least. Those using cell phones or a cordless house phone for more than 25 years were three times as likely to be diagnosed as those exposed to cell phones for just one year.

The More Advanced the Cell Phone, the Greater the Risk

As cell phone technology advances, so, too, does the danger. Let’s compare first, second, and third generation cell phones and how they support the cell phones linked to brain cancer theory.

First generation analogue cell phones had an output power of 1 W at 900 MHz. Second generation cell phones had a pulsed output power that averaged tens of mW at 900-1800 MHz. Third generation cell phones typically use a broad frequency band (5 MHz width) from 700-3590 MHz, a power at which findings show could increase brain cancer risk four-fold!

How to Protect Yourself

Follow the tips below to help protect against the dangers of cell phone use.

1.    Use it less and turn it off more

Even when your cell phone isn’t in use, it emits harmful radiation. Turn it off when not in use. And start using that landline again!

2. Keep it far away from your body

Don’t stow your cell phone in your pocket or your bra, or tuck it under your pillow at night. Keep it far away from your body so that you don’t expose yourself to unnecessary radiation.

3.    Only use it when there’s good reception

The harder your cell phone has to work, the more radiation your body absorbs. Pay attention to those bars, and try to only use your cell phone in areas that get good reception.

4.    Use a well-shielded wired headset

Not just any headset will do. If the wire isn’t well shielded, then it can transmit signals directly to the brain! Look for a well-shielded wire headset, particularly one with a combo shielded wire and air tube.