Pendulum Dowsing for Overall Better Health

Dowsing with a Pendulum for Better Health

Our 5 senses – taste, touch, smell, sight and sound – can tell us a lot about our health. When we are sick our food loses its taste, our bodies ache to touch, our vision is blurry and burns, and our ears become pressurized, distorting sound.

But what if you could go beyond your 5 senses and notice subtler vibrations in your body that could clue you in to health issues, guide your nutritional choices and help you prevent chronic disease? Dowsing with a pendulum takes you beyond the 5 senses and into the realm of higher intuition, where you can channel natural forces for health and well-being.

What is Pendulum Dowsing?

Pendulum dowsing originated in ancient times, when human survival depended on people’s ability to locate water. People still use pendulum dowsing to find water, gold and other minerals. Some even use dowsing to locate missing objects, such as keys and jewelry.

Dowsing today, however, is more popularly known as “divining” for its ability to tap into your higher consciousness and access pertinent information not accessible through the senses. Some alternative health experts compare pendulum dowsing to the bridge between your logical and intuitive minds.

Pendulum dowsing isn’t an aerie-fairy spiritual practice. Scientists have discovered that pendulums respond to the electromagnetic energy of the earth. A pendulum is an antenna that picks up on energy waves given off by the earth, people, places and thoughts. By using a pendulum dowsing, you can receive insight and detect certain energy vibrations to assess the overall health condition of your body with the highest accuracy.

Pendulums can be used to test for the presence of chemicals, bacteria and pesticides in food, as well as any allergic reactions you may have. Many alternative health practitioners use pendulums to detect and heal energy imbalances.Pendulum Dowsing

How to Use a Pendulum for Health

A pendulum is really a matter of preference. It is simply a weight attached to a string or chain. Some people use crystal, brass, glass or wood objects that are round, conical or spiral. Brass pendulums have a wonderful rate of accuracy and crystal pendulums are particularly effective because they draw in the energies of the earth.

When working with a pendulum it is easiest to ask YES/NO questions.

    • Make sure you are seated in a comfortable position, spine straight, so that the energy can flow freely through your body. It is best if your feet are flat on the floor and your elbow is resting on a hard surface, such as a table or desk.
    • Hold the pendulum between your thumb and index finger. (Some people like to secure the pendulum with their middle finger as well.)
    • Relax and take a few deep breaths.
    • First, ask the pendulum what a “yes” looks like. It will begin to swing side-to-side, up-and-down, diagonally, or it may even spin in a circle.
    • After you have determined the “yes” pattern, ask the pendulum to show you a “no.”
    • Once your subconscious has programmed the pendulum with a “yes” and “no,” ask it to show you “ready to ask a question.”

You are now ready to ask the pendulum Yes/No health related questions, such as:

    • Should I call the doctor today?
    • Is this the best health practitioner for me?
    • Should I get a second opinion?
    • Should I stay in and rest today?
    • Am I suffering from allergies?
    • Is this the best food for me to eat?
    • Is this the best form of exercise for me to engage in?
    • Should I go on this detox diet?

Other Ways to Use a Pendulum

You can place your pendulum directly over objects, such as medications or groceries, before you ask questions, such as: Is this the best food for me to eat today? Or: Has this been genetically modified?

While a pendulum should never replace a medical expert’s diagnosis, pendulum dowsing is a wonderful way to check in with your body on a daily basis, because no one knows your body better than you do.